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It seems the longer you live in one location, the more items you accumulate. You find yourself storing all of your items in the attic, garage, or basement until you have no more space. You are stuck wondering what you should do. You should consider constructing an outdoor shed to store all of the extra items. If you are trying to find the best shed builder in Midland, you are in luck. At Barnyard Utility Buildings, we have a skilled team that specializes in building outdoor sheds and mini barns. We also have all of the resources needed to construct any custom shed of your choosing.

Barnyard Utility Buildings is your safest bet. We have years of experience constructing, moving, and demolishing sheds in Midland. We also manage your project from the initial concept stages to completion, all while ensuring you are in the loop at all times. At Barnyard Utility Buildings, we stand by our services, and that is why we offer our clients warranties for complete peace of mind.

Below is an overview of our products and services.


Customized Shed Builder

We understand that every client has their own unique storage needs, and that is why we offer you a chance to customize your shed depending on your needs. You get to work with our designers to come up with a unique shed for your needs. Our experienced craftsmen will build a shed that is tailor-made to each client’s requirements. Your property’s configuration is important when constructing a shed. Each custom shed is constructed so that it matches the exterior of the house, which in turn increases equity.

Delivery and Installation

You have the option of choosing a pre-built shed or having the shed assembled directly on your property. At Barnyard Utility Buildings, we are a portable building manufacturer, and you can purchase a pre-built shed from us. You simply have to choose which pre-built shed you want, and we will use all of our resources to ensure that it arrives hassle free and in one piece. However, if you are looking to have a custom shed constructed, we will have our crew come to you, and we will build your custom shed on site for you. We do so with minimal disruption to you and your property. You will barely notice our staff. Upon completion, a trained inspector has to inspect the shed to make sure it is sturdy and ready for use.

Shed Removal

Your shed has probably been standing in the backyard for a number of years now. It has a few critters that have made it their new home. The old shed is not only unsightly, but also unsafe because the rotting wood can give way at any moment. If you need your old shed removed, you can rely on Barnyard Utility Buildings shed builder in Midland. Other than the construction of new sheds, we also offer demolition and debris removal services. You can demolish your old looking shed and have it replaced with a newer shed. No need to worry about the rotted wood. We will dispose it of hassle-free. You can opt for one of our rent to own sheds, and we can have it delivered to you within the shortest time possible.

Shed Relocation

If you have to relocate, and you wish to take your backyard shed with you, moving companies might lack the necessary resources to move your shed. You can always count on us for all your shed moving needs. We have custom designed storage shed moving equipment, which makes moving any shed possible. We can also relocate your shed from one location to another location on your property, depending on your needs.

Barnyard Utility Buildings is not just a local shed builder in Midland, we offer a variety of other products and services at competitive prices throughout the Carolinas. By hiring us, all of our clients are guaranteed professional and punctual services. For a free quote from our expert team, call us today, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


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