Mini Barns in Charlotte NC

A Mini Barn is the perfect utility barn for people who need extra storage space, an additional recreational area or a workshop. Need more room to store your firewood, landscaping equipment, tools and much more? Want an oasis away from the house? Or do you need a workroom? Mini barns offer an attractive way to have additional space, perfect for backyards.

Mini Barns are based on the “classic” barn style buildings, which are characterized by a four-sided roofline. The Mini Barns have taller sidewalls, which provide an excellent opportunity to add lofts for extra storage space. In our 16 Wide Mini Barns, you can even order an attic loft with stairs for double the space. This additional room is perfect to keep your holiday decorations, old baby or kids stuff and seasonal items, such as camping equipment or winter sports gear. It could also be a play area for kids. The possibilities are endless!

You can practically build the perfect utility barn for your backyard. Choose what siding you prefer, if you want a porch or even a lean-to roof and the type of door you want. Siding materials include options such as wood, vinyl or metal. A porch gives the barn extra outdoor space. You can enjoy sitting outside, morning day or night on the porch. If you need an extra room to park a car or want a covered space for outdoor dining, lean to roofs are ideal.

The materials that we build with are the same ones that are utilized when building a house. This means that the barns, from the foundation to the roof, are incredibly durable. We build our mini barns in Charlotte this way because we believe they should be long lasting. Instead of looking back a year later and seeing a utility barn falling apart, ours will stand sturdy for years to come with minimal maintenance. We also use algae resistant shingles, reducing external maintenance.

In addition to choosing the aspects of your barn, you can also have the barn built on-site. This means that you can watch the barn from the bottom up. You’ll see us build the base, level the base, put down the floor decking, put the walls up, the roof on and finally the shingles. You’ll be apart of the process from step 1 until the end.

Having your barn built on-site is also best for the sturdiness of the barn. On the highway, due to the strong winds, shingles can loosen. Plus, many homes have fenced in yards, so instead of maneuvering a large barn over the fence it’s easiest to bring the materials over.

Don’t waste money on an expensive offsite storage unit. In the long run, getting Mini Barns in Charlotte, NC will be beneficial in practical and financial terms. The investment will save you money long term.

All “Classic” Mini Barns come with a 5-year workmanship warranty plus various manufacturers’ warranties. This means that if something on your barn needs to be fixed within those five years, we will send one of our team members to go to you, and do the work, free of change.

Contact us or give us a call at 888-424-5290 for more information on the newest addition to your home!