New Year, New Storage Ideas! Take Back Your Garage – Garage Alternatives for Storage

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December 27, 2019
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7 Shed Maintenance Tips for Winter
December 27, 2019
The Ultimate Shed Maintenance Checklist
February 3, 2020

It seems like just yesterday you were celebrating the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. You had so many plans for the new year you couldn’t wait to get started. And yet you blinked and now it’s the end of January, moving into February. Where in the world did all the time go?

Thankfully it’s never too late to start the projects you planned out for this year. One of these plans might be to de-clutter your home and establish a new storage system and explore some outdoor storage ideas. But how can you go about doing that?

After all, you only have so much storage in your house. Sure, performing a thorough spring cleaning of everything you own will help. But even then, what happens when you have items you absolutely need to hold onto but still want to free up space?

There are many alternatives to using you garage for storage and outdoor storage ideas that will provide what you need, but we think the best way to do it is to invest in an outdoor shed. This is an excellent opportunity to move items from your home or garage into the shed, freeing up valuable space inside the house.

Reclaim Your Garage Space With a Shed & Outdoor Storage Ideas

Junk can quickly envelop your garage. First it starts with your lawn equipment. Then you add in your tools. Maybe it’s just a few power tools here and there. Then it’s anything that might be used along with your tools, like spackling, half-used cans of paint, boxes you purchased your TV in because who knows, you might move someday and need the box. Slowly but surely the junk will spread through your garage like a weed, before one day you open your garage door and discover you barely have enough room for your car.

Don’t worry. It’s happened to the best of us. But thankfully you don’t need to accept it as is. During your spring cleaning you can ditch the items you haven’t used in ages (although make sure to take your paint to a home improvement location as you should never just pitch it).

With these items out you will have some additional room to now move about but you can do better. With outdoor storage ideas, uou can free up the space your tools and lawn equipment currently take up with a shed.

Installing a shed is a fantastic spot for storing your tools and lawn equipment. This will free up all kinds of space in your garage and it puts your lawn equipment closer to the yard. With everything moved out you might finally have enough space to park the second car at night.

Or to set up that garage home gym you’ve been promising yourself. Or maybe you’ve been wanting to begin working on a project car and just haven’t had the space. Whatever you decide on you’ll now have the room thanks to your brand-new shed.

Add The Home Gym Into Your Shed

Speaking of a home gym, maybe you’d like to have your very own space to workout in. Adding it to the basement or one of the rooms isn’t always a great idea. After all, you don’t want to drop weight and have it crack the floor.

Plus, sometimes you just want to be in your own element. You don’t want the distractions of kids running around or the cat trying to sit on your chest while you’re doing yoga posses. So by investing in a shed and setting up a home gym in the shed you’ll be able to finally customize the work space for all the equipment you want.

The beauty of a home shed is you can insulate it and add electricity if you’d like. It will take a few extra steps but you can turn it into a space that’s usable throughout the year. And what is one of the biggest issues with a gym membership?

Outside of dealing with all the other people in the gym it is driving to your gym just to get your workout in. There are days when you won’t want to battle the weather or the traffic to make it to the gym. Or the gym isn’t always open when you need it. With the home gym inside the shed it is always open and you’ll only need to walk a few feet to make it.

And, as the gym is outside the house your significant other won’t always be getting on you about the noise you’d normally be making inside or waking up the kids from singing with your cardio.

Your Arts And Crafts Dreamland

Are you a lover of arts and crafts? Is there just something Zen about sitting there, working on your craft? Whether it is oil painting, needlework, building bird houses, or anything else in between, there’s just something relaxing and satisfying about sitting there and spending hours on something you love.

Maybe you make money doing it at the local arts and crafts show or perhaps it’s just something that helps calm you when the stress of the world gets to you. Whatever it is, it probably takes up a good amount of space, and this space might be at a premium inside your home. That no longer needs to be an issue though. All you need is your very own shed.

With a shed you can move your arts and crafts equipment out of the house and into the newly developed space. You can also customize the space so it better fits what you need. Instead of making whatever space you have in the house work, with the shed you can install tables under windows, add in a skylight so you have natural sunlight coming in, and you can add ventilation so the fumes of your soldering or oil painting doesn’t linger in the space.

With the available space you can also free yourself away from the distractions taking place inside the house. You can play your own music, stream the programs that you work well to, or simply watch out the window of your shed as birds feed on the bird feeder in the yard.

The point is that with a shed you have limitless potential. It also gives you all kinds of ways to move items out of your house that is taking up space into the shed. This instantly gives you more space inside your house will provide you with the opportunities to develop a new work space outside in the shed.

Take Back Your Garage With A Shed

2020 is in full swing. This means it is the perfect opportunity to ditch the clutter and take back your home. Whether this is clearing out your garage or cleaning out the crawl space one of the best outdoor storage ideas that can help you make room inside your home is to install a shed. At Barnyard Utility Buildings you have a number of shed options.

From basic sheds designed to hold your lawn equipment to fully insulated and windowed options that very much give you the feeling of being inside a house. No matter what kind of shed storage you’re looking for, late winter and early spring is the perfect time to get started. This way, when the warm weather of summer comes around you’ll be clutter free and ready to enjoy your brand-new shed.