Sheds Statesville NC

When it comes to welcoming communities with beautiful scenery, there's nothing like Statesville, North Carolina. The community of around 30,000 residents makes it the perfect size for anyone interested in a town with plenty of amenities without the over-populated, congested feeling of a larger city. And whether you are new to the city or you've called it home your entire life, there is always something to see, do, and take in.

From historical tours at Fort Dobbs to stopping in for a cold pint at Fourth Creek Brewing Company, Statesville proves you can have it all without giving up comfortable scenery and friendly neighbors.

If you have found you are running out of storage space, you might wonder what your options are. Garage sales and Goodwill donations don't always cut it, especially if you're looking for outdoor storage. You need to consider the storage buildings Statesville, NC services offered by Barnyard Utility Buildings. Storage sheds Statesville, NC, can provide you with many benefits, which is why you must purchase today!


We rarely see two outdoor buildings that are identical. Everyone has unique needs, requirements, and design esthetics. What better way to capture your vision than by customizing your building today?

The Perfect Outdoor Addition

There are many benefits to adding an outdoor storage shed to your property. For starters, these sheds are easier to install than constructing a new addition to your property. New additions are costly and will force you to adjust your property taxes and your homeowner's insurance. There are some requirements you need to follow.

With an outdoor shed, you can add an insulated space with windows, steel doors, and even a lean-to onto some models, all without the hassle and price tag of modifying your home. With so many options available, this new outdoor building can be constructed to fit your unique needs.

The Many Uses of Storage Sheds

A storage shed can be more than a storage building. While this is the default, because you are designing the storage shed from the ground up with Barnyard Utility Buildings, you can have it built for something else if that is what you're interested in.

Have you always wanted an outdoor bar or game room, maybe with a steel double door with lots of light coming through that opens up onto the backyard? Maybe it looks like an old English pub or a Storage for your rose garden. Whatever look you're going for, it is possible to have a storage shed built to meet these needs.

Perhaps you host private yoga sessions, but your home isn't cutting it for you with all the kids and pets running around, and renting space out downtown is becoming costly. A storage shed can be built for this reason as well. The fact is you have plenty of options, as you can design the outdoor building specifically for your unique tastes and requirements.

Let Barnyard Utility Buildings Handle The Difficult Work

Yes, there are some storage shed designs available at the local home improvement stores. The problem with these is you don't have many choices in your selection. The build material probably won't match your home and won't be of the highest quality. You'll also overpay for the "convenience" of having it pre-designed.

And even if you decide to build a storage shed on your own, there are several steps you'll need to handle. Such as getting local permits, checking with utility companies, and looking through the HOA guidelines to ensure it's even possible to install a shed. Barnyard Utility Buildings will help you take care of all these tasks.

Begin Planning Your Outdoor Shed Today

There is so much you can do with an outdoor shed. You can instantly add storage space for your lawn mower and other gardening tools. But beyond that, you can give yourself that personalized workspace you have been craving, an art studio that's all your own, or even a home gym, which can save you money over more expensive memberships. Whatever you decide to use your outdoor shed, the first step is to begin the planning phase. To learn more about storage sheds and to discover how a backyard storage building can transform your home, all you need to do is give the staff at Barnyard Utility Buildings a call!