Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings in Matthews

Whether it is the comfortable temperatures throughout the year, the beautiful spring greenery, or the ability to get outside and enjoy a walk and a meal with friends, Matthews, North Carolina, is a breath of fresh air. But what happens when you want to spend more time outside on your own property, and you don't have the kind of outdoor building space to accomplish everything you'd like? No, you don't need to settle for what you have. You have options.

One of the best options is to take advantage of Barnyard Utility Buildings storage buildings in Matthews NC, which you can have added to your own property, all without the headaches and hassles of directly building on an addition to your home. With storage shed, you have infinite potential, and all you need to do is give the team here at Barnyard Utility Buildings a call.


We rarely see two outdoor buildings that are identical. Everyone has unique needs, requirements, and design esthetics. What better way to capture your vision than by customizing your building today?

Any Kind Of Outdoor Addition

Maybe all you want is a storage shed. You want to free up space from the garage and put the lawnmower and other outdoor equipment into the shed. Not a problem there. You can have a shed with the size of doors that best accommodates your equipment. The shed can even be designed to suit your individual needs by adding a loft, a roll-up garage door, or a workbench and windows

But what happens if you want something more than this? Perhaps you don't simply want a storage shed, but instead, you want an entirely new building to take advantage of? That is the beauty of an outdoor shed designed to your needs. Maybe you teach yoga to small classes, and you would rather teach yoga at home instead of renting out a space. Why not have the shed built with the specifications of your dream yoga studio?

Or perhaps you're tired of going to the gym and fighting for the equipment. Why not build a home gym outside in the optimal shed design? There is no limit to the possibilities. You can add that Irish pub you've always dreamed of or create that home office you've been craving, which gives you the feeling of being out of the house, all while being just in the backyard.

Handle the Paperwork For You

If you've ever tried to build onto your property before, you already know what kind of a headache all the paperwork can be. There are several permits you need to obtain, and you need to contact the utility companies to see where the gas, plumbing, and electrical lines run. You also need to check with the city and even your own HOA to see if there are build requirements for your shed (such as how tall it can be, how close it can be to the property line, and even what colors the shed might be.

There are several steps that you usually need to take before you can even begin the construction. But don't worry. These are not things you have to deal with on your own. Here at Barnyard Utility Buildings, we can guide you to the right local government entities to help you get thru the process easier.

Begin Your Storage Shed Design Today

Looking to add that new storage shed to your backyard and interested in a custom-designed addition that matches what you've wanted? You don't need to settle for a store-bought shed, as many of those do not always have the kind of build quality or design options you're looking for.

Here at Barnyard Utility Buildings, the sheds in Matthews NC we help design and then build for you completely based on what you're interested in. So, whether you want to add physical storage to your yard, or you're more interested in adding an outdoor bar, a yoga studio, a reading room, an office, or anything else, our staff is ready to work. And all you need to do is pick up the phone and give our staff at Barnyard Utility Buildings a call at your earliest convenience. We have 11 locations in North and South Carolina, find the one nearest you and visit them or give them a call there. We’d be happy to help.