Purchasing A Shed FAQs

1I want to purchase a shed, where do I start?
We have 10 locations around the Charlotte area. Find a location near you today:
2Are your installers insured?
Yes. Our shed installers are licensed and insured for your peace of mind.
3Does a storage shed need a foundation?
Yes, to avoid moisture damage. We build our buildings on concrete piers- which we provide or on a concrete slab provided by the customer.
4Will getting a utility shed raise my taxes?
In some areas, your shed can be assessed during the permit phase and this could result in your new shed being assessed for additional taxes. Ask your local government's tax department for specific rates, building sizes, and requirements in your area.
5How long will it take to build my shed on site?
For smaller buildings such as 12’ wide x 16’ long or smaller it usually takes a day to build. For our much larger 16’ wide x 24’ long Mini Barns it can take up to 3 days.
6How long will it take for me to get my storage building?
Generally we are able to build or provide delivery in 1 - 3 weeks.
7Do you deliver utility buildings?
All of our buildings are utility buildings, and yes we can deliver up to a 10’ wide x 16’ long Gable style building.
8Is there a charge for delivery?
Delivery is included within up to 20 miles from any store location. If you are 20+ miles away, no problem we are happy to work with you to get your shed to your location.
9Do you move storage sheds?
Due to continuing manpower issues, we only move or tear down a building when we have a customer purchasing a build at the same time.

Warranty & Maintenance FAQs

1Do you offer a warranty on your buildings?
Yes! We offer a 5-year Service Warranty that begins once our customers have caulked and painted the building and sent in some pictures via email.
2What is your warranty?
We offer a 5 year service warranty on our buildings. The warranty includes fixing shingles, trim work, doors, etc.
3What type of maintenance is required for a shed?
We recommend the standard maintenance which includes: checking for leaks, tightening screws, painting and caulking etc. as needed.

Permit & HOA FAQs

1Do I need a permit to build a storage shed?
Barnyard does not require a permit for your shed, however, we recommend contacting your local government to know the requirements based on your county or homeowners association (HOA). If a permit is needed, you will want to follow the guidelines they provide.
2What size shed can I build without a permit?
Ordinances vary from county to county. Check with your local government to get more information.
3How close to my property line can I build my shed in North Carolina?
It is always best to check your local zoning restrictions with your local government prior to your purchase to make sure you are in compliance. Knowing the property boundaries before you get your new shed can save you a lot of headaches down the road.
4Can I build a shed close to utilities?
We let our builders decide on a case by case basis when they come to build.

Rent To Own & Financing FAQs

1Do you offer Financing or Rent To Own options?
Yes, both. Start you financing application here: Learn more about Rent To Own here:
2Can I finance my storage shed?
Yes, start you application here:
3How do I make my RTO payment?
Please contact RTO National at the following number for customer service and payment: 877-577-2034