Important Update: Due to high demand, we can only remove an existing building if you are making a new purchase. We will post an update once regular removal services resume.

You look out at your backyard, and what do you see: that old, rickety storage shed that has been falling apart for months—or even years at this point. You keep telling yourself that you are going to tear it down on your own, but there just never seems to be enough time. Plus, how does one person lift all of that heavy debris into a truck bed or trailer to haul it away?

If you have an old utility building that is an eyesore in your backyard, or a storage shed that is in disrepair, our shed removal service here at Barnyard Utility Buildings can remove it from your property and replace it with a new storage structure. Our team specializes in tearing down existing storage buildings in and around the Charlotte, North Carolina area while also removing the debris from your property, and disposing of the storage shed remnants accordingly—making it a hassle-free and time-saving option for our customers.


The first step to removing your old or unwanted storage shed or utility building from your property is to give one of our sales locations in or near Charlotte, North Carolina a call about our shed removal service. Then, after talking to one of our expert team members, Barnyard will send out a demolition crew to disassemble and haul away your old or unwanted storage building or utility shed from your backyard.

Once our storage shed demolition and disposal crew arrives at your property, they will begin to disassemble your old, unwanted storage or utility building piece by piece in an organized manner. Upon completion of tearing down your existing utility shed or storage building, our team members will clean up the debris from your demolished backyard storage structure, and place it in one of our on-site dump trailers. After all of the remnants from your unwanted Charlotte, North Carolina storage shed or utility building have been collected and placed in one of our dump trailers, the Barnyard Utility Buildings crew will haul it away from your property for proper disposal. All you have to do is call Barnyard, tell our team about the specific location and dimensions of your storage shed or utility building, and our shed removal service will do the rest of the work.

Once we have removed all of the old storage building debris from your property, you may decide that it is time for you to get another upgraded storage structure for your backyard—if you had not already made that decision before your previous storage building was torn down. Our team can help with that, too! Barnyard can haul in a new storage shed, mini barn, or utility building from one of our Charlotte, North Carolina sales locations, or you can even have our team construct a new storage structure for you on-site at your home.


Along with demolishing and disposing of old or unwanted storage structures on your property, Barnyard Utility Buildings also offers storage building relocation services. Even though knocking down and hauling away your old storage shed or utility building may be necessary, there are certain scenarios that do not require Barnyard to dispatch a demolition crew to tear down your existing storage structure. Depending on the size and condition of your existing unwanted storage shed or utility building, our team may be able to haul it away for proper disposal in one piece—no disassembly required.

Maybe you already have a relatively new storage shed or utility building that you simply want moved to a different location. If you are looking to move your existing storage structure to another spot on your property, or even to haul it down the road to a new home or piece of land that you have purchased, Barnyard Utility Buildings can easily relocate your storage building for you.


Barnyard Utility Buildings is one of Carolina’s top storage shed removal service, utility building removal, disposal, and relocation companies. Although Barnyard Utility Buildings can tear down and haul away most existing backyard storage buildings, we try to limit the size of storage buildings that our team disassembles and hauls away on our trucks and trailers. Our demolition crew usually limits storage and utility building tear downs and disposals to structures no larger than 12’ x 20’, and of a reasonable height.

However, with 20 years of experience in constructing, demolishing, and relocating storage sheds, utility buildings, and mini barns in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, our team will try to accommodate all relocation’s and building removals within a reasonable width and height range.


Barnyard’s storage shed tear down and disposal services are perfect for those people who do not have enough time to demolish and remove their existing storage structures on their own. Our demolition and storage building removal services are also great for those individuals who need extra manpower to disassemble and haul away their old backyard storage structures.

Whether you want to get rid of that rickety old utility building in your backyard and replace it with a newly constructed storage shed, or simply move your existing storage building or mini barn to your new home within the Charlotte area, Barnyard Utility Buildings is here to help. Our team of skilled workers with years of experience takes the stress and hours of hard physical labor out of tearing down your existing storage building, hauling away the debris, and/or relocating your current storage shed or utility building to a different location.

We aim to provide our clients with unparalleled customer service, and build high-quality storage sheds, utility buildings, and mini barns made from the top-of-the-line, construction-grade materials. You know you are in good hands when you choose Barnyard to construct, disassemble and haul away, or relocate a storage building for you.