Barnyard Utility Buildings

Building a shed

28 Jul Building a shed: Beginner’s guide

Putting up a shed in your backyard is a fantastic idea! It instantly offers you more storage for your yard equipment, a place of solitude to escape to when the house becomes too hectic, an art studio, or anything else you can dream of. Don't...

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storage shed size

13 May What storage shed size do I need?

Adding a shed to your backyard or anywhere else on your property is a fantastic way to instantly add new storage. From a place to store your tools to your own personal solitude away from all the noise inside the house, a shed is an...

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shed placement in backyard

13 May Top Tips for Shed Placement in Backyard

Nothing adds instant storage to your property like a shed. In many ways, it functions as a secondary garage. There's room for your tools, lawn equipment, not to mention you can use it as a studio or workspace. When you want a quality structure added...

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How to Secure a Storage Shed

24 Mar How to Secure a Storage Shed

One of the most common questions we receive regarding sheds has to do with shed security. Sheds are often designed to store valuable lawn equipment. It may also be used as a studio or even a home gym. Whatever is left in a shed can...

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ways to use a shed

24 Mar Top 10 Creative Ways to Use a Shed

A backyard shed is a fantastic addition to your property. It instantly grants you additional storage, and yet it can do so much more. In many ways, it can act as a sanctuary outside of your house when you want just to get some work...

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building a shed base

13 Feb 7 Top Tips on Building a Shed Base

One of the most overlooked aspects of building a shed is building a shed base. Without a properly leveled foundation, your shed will have all kinds of problems. It will be more susceptible to leaks. It might be put up at an angle, which will...

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shed maintenance checklist

03 Feb The Ultimate Shed Maintenance Checklist

Adding a shed to your property is a fantastic way to instantly add storage, a workspace, or even a gym away from the family house. While these sheds are durable and can take a beating, it doesn't mean the shed doesn't need some assistance. You...

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