Rent-to-Own Storage Sheds

Barnyard Utility Buildings partners with RTO National to bring you rent-to-own options when you purchase your next Charlotte, North Carolina storage shed.

If you are ready to purchase a new storage shed, utility building, or mini barn for your backyard but do not have enough cash on hand to pay the full purchase price right now, we have some great options for you. Barnyard Utility Buildings—in partnership with RTO National—offers rent-to-own storage shed leasing options that let you pay for your new utility or storage building over months or years.

RTO National—a company that specializes in creating rent-to-own installment contracts and FlexLease programs for backyard storage structure businesses like ours—provides many different leasing options for people who are looking for a rent-to-own shed. These options give you fast, no-hassle ways to own your storage building over a period of time. Features of this rent-to-own program include:
  • No credit checks—which means no impact on your credit score
  • Low down and monthly payments—ranging from 24- to 60-month installments
  • Available on all standard deliverable buildings—not to exceed 12 x 32 x 11 gables and 10 x 28 x 11 mini barns
Start your rent-to-own application now:


We rarely see two outdoor buildings that are identical. Everyone has unique needs, requirements, and design esthetics. What better way to capture your vision than by customizing your building today?

Maybe you are tired of paying rent on a commercial storage unit across town. Perhaps you are looking for a storage building or utility shed that can house your lawn and garden equipment in the backyard, and need a company that will work with you financially. If one of these scenarios rings true to you, it is time to look into rent-to-own leasing with Barnyard and RTO National.

Our Charlotte, North Carolina rent-to-own storage shed lease program is ideal for those with little or poor credit who are looking to own a backyard storage building. This rent-to-own lease program gives you alternatives to paying rent on a commercial storage unit that is miles across town for months or years to come, or making one up-front lump sum payment to purchase a backyard storage shed.

Barnyard Utility Buildings and RTO National offer monthly rent-to-own payment rates that are competitive with monthly rental rates for commercial storage units. These low monthly installments even give you the ability the purchase a larger storage building over a period of time instead of settling for a smaller storage shed due to the high up-front cost.

Another reason a rent-to-own shed is better than renting a commercial storage unit in the Charlotte area? Customers who sign on to our rent-to-own program—which is also known as a FlexLease program—will eventually own their storage sheds or utility buildings at the end of their leases if all payments are made according to contract terms.
Once you decide that a rent-to-own storage shed or mini barn from Barnyard Utility Buildings is the way to go, you can either visit one of our Charlotte, North Carolina sales locations to discuss FlexLease options in person, or go to our website and fill out an online rent-to-own application.

After an RTO National team member reviews and approves your in-person or online FlexLease application, all you have to do is select your desired storage shed, utility building, or mini barn from our sales lot at Barnyard Utility Buildings before signing a rent-to-own contract.

Following the application process, selecting your storage structure, and signing the agreed upon rent-to-own contract, RTO National purchases your desired storage building from one of our Charlotte sales locations, and leases it to you. It is as simple as that.

Customers who have verified incomes can enter into flexible rent-to-own contracts for their storage buildings without a credit check, and receive instant approval. Along with this simple application process, RTO National’s rent-to-own agreements offer low down payments with 24-month or 60-month lease terms. Monthly rental payments are based on the length of your FlexLease contract—giving you plenty of financial options for your new backyard storage building.

Along with low monthly installments, RTO National offers an early buyout option that allows you to purchase your Charlotte storage building before your rent-to-own contract’s end date. For example, if you have the money on-hand to pay the remaining balance on your storage shed, mini barn, or utility building after only eight months of your 24-month FlexLease agreement, you may pay the balance and own your building outright.

However, maybe you want to break your rent-to-own contract after several months due to unforeseen circumstances, or you just decide that owning a backyard storage building or mini barn is not the right move for you. When you rent-to-own a storage structure from Barnyard Utility Buildings, you can terminate your FlexLease contract at any time, and it does not go against your credit score.

Barnyard Utility Buildings has been operating in and around the Charlotte, North Carolina area for 20 years. We are a local business that focuses on building high-quality, durable backyard storage sheds, utility buildings, and mini barns that will withstand the test of time. We create our storage buildings using construction-grade materials that are used on houses and commercial buildings, which ensures that your backyard storage structure will be around for years to come.

Not only do we offer customers multiple sales locations in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding areas where they can browse our sales yards to select storage buildings that will meet their exact needs, but we also construct storage sheds, mini barns, and utility buildings on-site at customers’ homes. Building a storage structure on-site allows customers to be part of the building and customization process from the first step to the finished product.

If you are ready to have the storage space that you have always wanted right in your backyard, wait no longer. Give one of our team members at Barnyard Utility Buildings a call today to take advantage of our rent-to-own program.