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Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings in Lincolnton

Storage problems can quickly get out of hand if they are not dealt with efficiently. Items invading garage spaces is a common problem that many Lincolnton residents can identify with. An outdoor storage shed from Barnyard Utility Buildings is the solution. Barnyard Utility Buildings is the best and most reliable shed builder in Lincolnton.

Outdoor sheds can be used for storage, but they can also be put to different uses but It all depends on your needs. For quality and custom designed sheds, contact the top shed builder in Lincolnton. We offer a wide variety of services and products all under one roof.


We rarely see two outdoor buildings that are identical. Everyone has unique needs, requirements, and design esthetics. What better way to capture your vision than by customizing your building today?

If you have had a dream shed in mind, but it seems impossible to do it by yourself, contact us, and we will help turn your dream into a reality. You get to work with one of our designers to start actualizing your idea. Part of our process in designing custom outdoor sheds is understanding your needs. It does not matter if you need additional features installed. We will do it for you. For those who love being unique and adding a personal touch to every project, custom built sheds could be what you need.

There is a large misconception that construction permits are only for large constructions. The truth is that you need to get a permit before you can proceed with the construction of your shed or mini barns. A town building inspector will inspect the site to make sure that the shed is built to code. If it is not, you risk code violation fines and having to tear the shed down and rebuild it to code. Many clients are afraid of the process, but we will have a staff member work with you every step of the way until you get your permit.
If you prefer ordering a pre-built shed from a portable building manufacturer, you do not have to worry about how the shed will get to your property. Barnyard Utility Buildings has the equipment necessary to safely carry the shed from the manufacturer right to your doorstep. That’s not all, we take full responsibility of ensuring that the shed is placed correctly on the prepared site.

However, if you want to have your shed built directly on your property, we will have a team of professionals handle the construction on site. We work around the client’s schedule to make sure that we do not inconvenience them. For quick installation, we use a large team of professionals. All of our staff members are very respectful of the client’s property, ensuring no property damage. You will not even notice we were there.
A shed is a must have for many families. However, with time the shed becomes old, unsightly, and unsafe. To keep their families safe, home-owners prefer to have their old shed removed and a new one put in its place. We offer our clients shed removal services. We also provide rent to own sheds so you can pay for your new shed in installments.

If you are moving to a new place that does not have a shed, and you would like to move with your old shed, do not worry. We have you covered. We have enough resources that include specialized equipment to help move your shed. It does not matter if you are moving across state lines. We will handle it for you.

At Barnyard Utility Buildings, we are your one-stop shop for all your shed and mini barn needs. That is why we have become the top shed builder in Lincolnton. To work with the shed experts, contact us today, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.