Storage Buildings in Belmont

There's always so much to see and do around greater Belmont. Whether you're out for BooFest, checking out Stowe Park, or stopping off for a sweet treat from the Cotton Candy Factory after getting your yoga on at Belmont Yoga, there's so much to see, do, and experience in Belmont.

But what happens when you love Belmont so much you own more than you know what to do with it? Perhaps your garage is packed to the gills with boxes of decorations or yard equipment with nowhere else to put it, or the crawl space is so crammed with knick-knacks you can't even squeeze up to grab the holiday lights in the winter?

Whatever the issue might be, you can address it with a storage building from Barnyard Utility Buildings. Whether you want to utilize new storage buildings in Belmont, NC or Gastonia NC you want that extra outdoor building to be used for something entirely different. We will work with you to create the optimal outdoor storage building.


We rarely see two outdoor buildings that are identical. Everyone has unique needs, requirements, and design esthetics. What better way to capture your vision than by customizing your building today?

What Do You Want Your Storage Building To Be?
When you think of backyard storage shed, you probably think of the run-of-the-mill metal sheds that are mass-produced, available at big box home improvement stores, and end up rusting out after a few years. You deserve better than that. You deserve a storage building that fits all of your needs.

If you simply want a space to keep your yard equipment, or possibly a place to put the holiday decorations when not in use, all of that can be taken care of, and a storage shed built for your property, and your space requirements will be put together.

But what happens if you want something different? Maybe you want a backyard office to get away from the rest of the family? That can be done for you. Or do you want to design the optimal library with all of your books to be away from the world while you let your mind wander into the stories you read? Your shed can be built for this as well.
Upgrades to Your Shed
There are all kinds of upgrades and additions to consider when designing your shed. First, do you plan on using the shed when the weather is cooler? Insulation can be added to the shed. Want natural sunlight for your projects or reading? Windows and even skylights can be installed into the shed. Do you dream of a shed with an indoor and outdoor element to it? A patio with roof overhang can be installed, and wide barn doors can be installed as well. It is even possible to set up the shed to connect to utility lines.

If there is something you want for your shed, our team at Barnyard Utility Buildings is here to help. We can begin designing the shed, both to conform to your desires for a shed and local This way, the shed will be fully compliant with your needs and local codes.
Begin Designing Your Storage Building Today
Are you tired of putting off that dream of having your own reading room in the backyard, surrounded by flowers and bird feeders? Here at Barnyard Utility Buildings, we can help you. Whatever the reason, when it comes to having the optimal storage building in the backyard, you need to partner with our staff at Barnyard Utility Buildings. To get things started, all you need to do is give us a call today.