Storage Shed Financing Services

Not only does Barnyard Utility Buildings offer storage shed and utility building lease options, but we also work with RTO National to offer retail financing for your backyard storage structure. RTO National offers great options for consumer financing with low interest rates and experienced, helpful team members who will walk you through the application process so you can get your storage shed financing.

Signing up for retail financing when you purchase your new storage shed, utility building, or mini barn from one of Barnyard’s sales locations in the Charlotte, North Carolina area can help you get the backyard storage structure that you have always desired. Our storage shed financing allows you to purchase a storage building large enough to hold your outdoor landscaping equipment, a mini barn that serves as your children’s dream playhouse, or a utility shed that can hold seasonal decorations or sports gear without paying the entire purchase price up front.

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We rarely see two outdoor buildings that are identical. Everyone has unique needs, requirements, and design esthetics. What better way to capture your vision than by customizing your building today?

RTO National makes the retail financing process simple when you purchase your next storage shed, mini barn, or utility building from Barnyard Utility Buildings. The first step toward obtaining retail financing—also know as an installment contract—through RTO National in order to buy your backyard storage structure is quite easy: visit one of Barnyard’s sales lots in or near Charlotte, North Carolina, and pick out your desired storage structure.

However, if you want to get pre-approved for storage shed financing before visiting one of our sales locations, you can start your installment application now by clicking this link, which will redirect you to our online application system. Then, when you go to one of our sales locations to select your shed, your credit information will already be on file—allowing our team members to expedite the purchase and financing processes.

After you have decided on the storage building that you would like to buy and fill out an installment application, we will run a credit check to determine the amount of financing available to you. Our team can usually get you approved for retail financing within minutes of submitting your credit application, making it a quick, hassle-free process for customers.

Once you are approved for retail financing to purchase a storage shed, mini barn, or utility building from Barnyard, all you have to do is sign the installment contract and make the required monthly payments. It is as simple as that. RTO National’s retail financing option makes it possible for you to have a larger backyard structure that meets all of your storage needs instead of settling for a smaller utility building that you would have to purchase in one up-front, lump sum payment.
How do you decide if using retail financing to purchase your storage shed or mini barn from Barnyard Utility Buildings is the correct option for you? The first thing you need to look at is your current credit score. Using an installment contract to buy your backyard storage building is a great option for those who have good credit, which allows you to have low monthly interest rates and potentially full financing.

However, for those people who do not have the best credit, there are other purchasing options available to you. If you have little or poor credit, visit our rent-to-own page to see alternative buying options.

After you have looked at your score, decide that retail financing is the best way to purchase your storage shed, and fill out an installment application, you can receive some of the best backyard structure financing available. When you sign an installment contract with RTO National for your next storage or utility building, you are signing with a company that offers:
  • 100% financing availability
  • Installment contract terms from 12 months to 60 months
  • Quick financing approval that happens within minutes of submitting your application
  • Competitive low rates
  • No prepayment penalties if you pay off your installment contract early

Along with these excellent installment contract features, RTO National also offers customers five simple ways to pay monthly installments:
  1. Online using our payment portal
  2. By phone using our automated system
  3. Auto draft from your bank account
  4. Mailing your payment using the postal service
  5. Calling one of our account representatives

RTO National’s numerous options for payment on your installment contract makes retail financing a hassle-free, convenient way to purchase your storage shed, utility building, or mini barn from Barnyard Utility Buildings.