Top 10 Creative Ways to Use a Shed

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February 13, 2020
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March 24, 2020

A backyard shed is a fantastic addition to your property. It instantly grants you additional storage, and yet it can do so much more. In many ways, it can act as a sanctuary outside of your house when you want just to get some work done. Installing a shed is easier to do than adding to your home, and there are less paperwork and hassle to deal with. Of course, you can do just about anything with a new shed, but here are some of our favorite ways to use a shed on your property.

Top 10 Creative Ways to Use a Shed

Home Office

Why not turn your shed into a home office? If you have little rugrats running around or there is noise throughout the house, and you just can’t seem to get anything done, your best home office may be something away from the house. This way, you can have peace, quiet, and control all the elements within your small space.

Sewing Room

Speaking of peace and quiet, there is something very tranquil about sewing and knitting. There is a calming effect to it that is wonderful. If you are someone who loves to sew, why not consider a shed for your sewing room. You can have all your supplies readily available in this one spot. You can also control the kind of music you listen to or have large windows open up over birdbaths, so you have more of an outdoor environment around you.

Art Studio

Similar to your sewing room, with an art studio, you’ll have all your supplies right where you need them. You can control the kind of lighting, so whether you want to bring in outdoor light or have the perfect overhead studio light, all of it is possible. Sometimes painting, drawing, or working on other kinds of art simply is not possible inside the house when you have children and pets running around. Your art studio will give you a type of relaxing space you’ve been craving.

Music Room

Perhaps you play the drums, and you just don’t have space inside the house (or you make too much noise). Maybe you want a room that has the right acoustics and isn’t bouncing the notes you play all about, making it difficult to hear what you’re doing. With your music room, you have everything you need readily available. This way, no matter what you play, you can be as loud as you’d like.

Reading Room

Finding it hard to obtain peace and quiet inside your house? Maybe the television is always on in the living room, or your kids are still running about the hallways, asking you questions and just keeping you from having a few minutes on your own. Well, why not create your very own reading room? One of the best ways to use a shed is to turn it into a reading room. You can have your favorite chair or daybed inside, plus add in a bookshelf with some of your favorite books. From adding in a skylight to electricity so you can have light day and night, there is so much you can do with your shed when converting it into a reading room.


A she-shed is the female version of the man-cave. With a she-shed, you really can turn it into whatever you would like. Perhaps you want to be able to paint some days and take a nap on other days. Or maybe you are into gardening. The magic of a she-shed is you’ll make it your own and do with it as you want.


There’s nothing like a good man-cave. Typically thought of as a place where guys can gather, watch the sports game while drinking a beer, the man-cave is similar to the she-shed in that you’ll decorate it as you want. Perhaps you want a big-screen television with a massive cable package and reclining leather chairs. Or maybe you want some gaming tables, so it is set up like a bar. Whatever you want, you can do it with your man-cave.

Children’s Playhouse

Instead of letting the kids take over the house with their playtime, why not do it the other way around? Set up a shed as a child’s playhouse. This is great because it gives them a place to play outside of your home, giving you peace and quiet. After all, why should you be regulated to the shed when the house is yours? Having a children’s playhouse is also great because it gives you some extra space to store toys and other items you might not want cluttering up inside your home.


If you own a pool, you know just how much space the extra gear takes up. From the pool pump to the cleaning equipment, chemicals, and pool toys, you will want to have something nearby that will give you the additional storage space for natural pool care. Well, when you convert your shed into a pool house, you’ll have all of this at your disposal.

Woodworking Shop

Do you like working with your hands? Maybe you enjoy building tables and chairs, or just want to dabble here and there with some woodworking equipment. When you do this, you’ll need plenty of space for your equipment and your tools. Instead of taking up the entire garage, why not purchase a shed and turn it into your very own woodworking studio? You’ll finally be able to design the perfect woodshop that fits your needs.

Make the Shed Your Own

These are just some of our favorite ways to use a shed, but there are so many other options out there. Whatever you desire is for your new shed; just know that our team here at Barnyard Utility Buildings can help make it happen. So, if you’re looking for something specific or you would like a shed that is already pre-fabricated, all you need to do is let us know by contacting us at your earliest convenience. We’re excited to get to work on your brand-new shed.