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July 5, 2020
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Do you have a personal shed in the backyard that is turned more into an eyesore than anything else? Maybe it’s been rusting out for years and you want to replace it with something new. Or, perhaps you need to adjust the size of the shed to better fit new constructions and projects for your yard. Whatever the reasoning, it is time for you to begin the removal of the shed. 

There are two options when it comes to this. The first is to hire professionals and the other is to go about taking the shed down yourself. There are benefits to each, but to help you decide the best course of action, here is what you need to know regarding DIY shed removal and disposal vs the professionals.

A Complete Guide on DIY Shed Removal and Disposal vs The Professionals

Many people are confused about hiring professionals or DIY for shed removals. This guide will clear all your questions.

DIY Shed Removal

There’s nothing like some good demo, right? Something is just so satisfying about pulling an item apart. The destruction can almost be relaxing. It’s why so many people have no problems demoing a home bathroom or kitchen and then bring in the pros for the actual construction. It lets you swing a sledgehammer and bust out the saws without always needing exact precision. You’ll have a similar feeling with your shed. Follow this DIY shed removal and disposal vs the professional, and learn shed removal in easy steps.

Now, you shouldn’t just pull out the hammer and go running at your shed. That’s not a good idea. A shed can still injure you if you’re not careful. Additionally, if it is metal, you’ll need to take it apart in pieces to avoid cutting yourself on sharp, rusted metal. If the shed is held together by screws, you’ll want to take some of these screws out before you start pushing paneling away from the frame. If the shed is wood, it might be constructed and held together with nails. This makes it a bit easier to knock panels off when it’s just nailed in as the wood will slide off easier than with a screw. You do need to make sure you know where the nails are though. Don’t just knock off boards and keep moving. That’s a recipe for stepping on a sharp nail and running to the hospital for a tetanus shot probably isn’t something you want to do. So be careful. 

You’ll also want to separate the nails from the wood if you plan on recycling the materials. Most locations that accept building materials will require you to remove the nails before dropping off the wood. 

Once you have the shed removed, you’ll need to figure out what to do with the pieces. The best option is to take the materials to a local recycling center. If you don’t have a pickup truck or something that can fit the materials in easily, you’ll either need to ask someone who does have a truck or rent one. You can rent work trucks from most chain home improvement stores by the hour, which will likely be your only real expense of the job. Just keep in mind some locations charge by the hour, others by the mile, and sometimes you’ll need to pay both, so look over the details before booking a truck. 

The last thing you need to consider is if you have a concrete foundation. You probably won’t want that concrete just sitting there. You’ll need to remove it. It can be a slow go with regular tools, so you may want to rent a jackhammer from your local home improvement store. This allows you to break down the concrete into smaller pieces, which you can then dispose of (take the materials to the same recycling center, just make sure to ask if they take concrete. If not, there is likely a construction material provider that will take it off your hands). 

Professional Removal

When you call in the professionals that is one less job you’ll need to worry about. They will tear down the shed, and they will load up all the materials into their trucks. They will also grind up the foundation and haul off this material as well. Not having to worry about this kind of removal is nice. The one main downside to hiring professionals to tear down your shed is the potential cost. If you’re on the fence about hiring professionals or doing it yourself make sure to call a service provider and ask them not only for the cost to tear it down but the cost to remove all the materials, the foundation included. 

Once you have the total cost, consult your local home improvement store for any rental costs, including tools to tear out the foundations and any truck rentals you might need. Add all this up and consider the difference. The DIY shed removal will be less expensive (at least it should be), but if the professional job is relatively close in terms of cost you might want to go with the professional service. Or, if you simply want a professional to handle it because you don’t want to or feel like it, just know it is always an option.

All Your Shed Needs

Some sheds have a set life expectancy. Especially if the shed has been left to wither away in the weather, or if you purchased the home and don’t like how the shed looks with the surrounding house, the fencing and the rest of the materials.

This DIY shed removal and disposal vs the professionals is easy to follow. and If you’re interested in adding a new shed to your property, or if you want to learn more about shed removal and maintenance, our staff here at Barnyard Utility Buildings is ready and waiting to lend a helping hand. From working with you to finding a shed that fits your specific needs to a shed that will work with the neighborhood HOA, we want to do everything in our power to ensure you have the perfect shed. So, give us a call or send us an email at your earliest convenience. All your shed answers and a brand-new shed are just a phone call away.

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