Shed Removal: To DIY or Ask Professional Help

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Many people are unsure about the best time to purchase a shed. Sometimes, people replace theirs quickly, failing to maximize these backyard structures. Others wait until the unit is in obvious disrepair. If you are ready for a change, though, the first step is removing your shed. Here are a few things you should know about shed removal.

Doing It Yourself: How to Remove a Shed

If your outdoor shed is wood, it might be held together by screws. You want to remove those before you push the paneling away from the frame. Meanwhile, if it uses nails, you can slide the panels off much more effortlessly. You can knock these types of panels off quicker than ones that use screws. 

You need to be sure where the nails are, though—don’t just knock the boards off and throw them on the floor. You might step on the materials you discard and be at risk for tetanus. You should also separate the nails if you want to recycle the materials. Recycling centers will require you to remove the nails, so doing this early helps.

If you don’t have a pickup truck or a vehicle large enough for all the shed pieces, you have to rent or borrow one, so you can take the materials to your local recycling center. Some home improvement stores rent out their work trucks by the hour or mile.

Finally, consider the foundation. If you have a concrete foundation, you would want to remove that with the right tools. Renting a jackhammer allows you to break down the concrete into smaller pieces, which you can take to the same recycling center. If they do not take concrete, you can seek out construction material providers who will probably take it.

Hiring Someone Else: Professional Removal

If you aren’t up for DIY outdoor shed removal, you can go for professional services. If you hire someone else to do the job, you will not have to exert physical effort in tearing the shed down. They will disassemble everything, grind up the foundation, and load all the materials into trucks.

One possible drawback to hiring someone else is it costs more than doing things yourself. Before hiring a professional, make sure you ask them for the total cost, from tearing down the shed to removing all the materials. Then, if you have the total cost, compare this with the bill you’ll get from renting tools, tearing out the foundation, and renting a truck to haul the items yourself. Consider the difference and whether you’re willing to shell out a little more money for convenience.


Like any other part of a home, a shed has a set life expectancy. Eventually, even the sturdiest of backyard structures will need replacing, and you have a couple of ways you can jumpstart that process. You can either DIY the shed removal or have someone else tear it down. Either option has its advantages and disadvantages, so if you are serious about building a new structure on your property, it is best to learn everything you can about both options.

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