Spring is the perfect time for you to perform upgrades around the house. But what happens when you need more room to store all your power tools and yard equipment, or you want to free up space inside your home without selling off a room's worth of furniture? Why not consider constructing a shed in your backyard? A beautifully crafted shed will blend into your property, give you additional storage, and even function as a stand-alone room used as an office, art studio, gym, or pub. With so many options, there is a shed for you with your name on it.

At Barnyard Utility Buildings, we can work with you to design a dream shed from the ground up, or you can select from one of our storage sheds for sale that is pre-configured and ready to go. This is the easiest option if you want something that cuts some of the downtimes from the design process and gives you a beautiful shed in the shortest time.

Plenty Of Designs To Choose From

No two people have the exact needs for their shed. Your property size requirements will be different from the next homeowner's. Your HOA might have set standards for you to follow regarding a shed, or you might want a specific look that will better match the look of the rest of your home. Considering the different variables, having a shed that fits your specific needs is important. That is why, here at Barnyard Utility Buildings, we offer nearly six dozen different options. This will alter the shed's dimensions, the style of the construction, the kind of doors used, and even the window placement of the shed. We can work directly with you to design a shed from the ground up, or you can select one of these pre-fabricated designs and let us build it specifically with you in mind.

The most famous buildings currently sold include The Classic SmartSide Barn, The Classic Vinyl Gable, and the Classic SmartSide Gable. The Classic SmartSide Gable and Classic SmartSide Barn are similar, yet the design has some particular variations. Both offer double-wide doors on the traditional side of the building, allowing an extra wide girth for moving items in and out. However, the SmartSide Barn also has a garage-like door on the "front" of the shed, which offers a second entrance, should you need it. Plus, the Barn design has the classic barn roof, which provides you with the storage space of a second room (the SmartSide Gable does have some storage in the roof as a possibility, but the Barn maximizes this potential).

As for the Classic Vinyl Gable, this design allows for the best bang for your buck. It is a smaller backyard shed that uses a single door for entrance. It also has a window to allow in natural light, making working inside the shed easier and reducing your reliance on bringing in outside light to find the necessary tools or equipment.

Find Your Specification

While there are three popular build models, there are dozens of variations for each of the builds. This way, you can not only alter the color or material of the shed, but you can tweak the window placement, the kind of roof you opt for, or even the dimensions of the final shed.

Order Your Backyard Shed Today

At Barnyard Utility Buildings, we offer a wide range of sheds for sale. Whether you want a shed designed specifically for backyard storage or to convert it into a seasonal space for other activities, one of our pre-designed sheds will likely fit your needs. Need help finding exactly what you're looking for? Don't worry; we can work with you to design the optimal shed for your needs from the ground up.

Whatever you're looking for, we can make it happen, and all you need to do to begin ordering your dream shed is to call or email us. Our Barnyard Utility Buildings customer service specialists are here to help you along the ordering process.