What Are Your Outdoor Storage Options

How to transform your backyard with an outodoor storage building
April 4, 2018
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The Ins and Outs of Adding a Utility Storage Shed to Your Home
May 30, 2018

Homeowners are often looking for various methods of storing their belongings, and we provide many ways a person can do this. Our quality offerings are well-built and attractive, and they can be customized to fit your needs.

Utility Buildings

For homeowners who need to store large furniture, pianos, or power tools, utility buildings make a great choice. You can avoid overstuffing them, as they provide more room than a small shed, and you can keep your unsightly equipment out of sight yet accessible. They can also enable you to clear space out of your garage so that that area can more effectively be used for keeping your parked vehicles.

Barnyard Utility Buildings are spacious, as our floor plans range in size between 8 x 8 and 16 x 24. You can fit a tremendous number of items in your utility building, alleviating household clutter, and you can also store items needed for maintaining your yard. Our blueprints are specially designed by engineers, ensuring that they will last for years to come.

You can choose from vinyl or wood siding, and both will be protected with a warranty that covers replacement value and labor for five years and a pro-rated 50-year limited warranty on the substrate, or the substances underlying the siding. Your algae resistant roof shingles are rated to last 25 years, and these will be furnished by a top-rated company.

Our utility buildings are constructed with the materials recommended by our licensed engineers, and our product comes with a standard five-year warranty that covers the workmanship in addition to other manufacturer’s warranties. They come in two types: gables and mini barns. Both are constructed by laying concrete blocks and floor joists that are treated to repel pests and that are impervious to the elements.


These attractive structures look like tiny houses and can fit perfectly in your back yard. Some of them have awnings and front porches, windows, and doors resembling that of a cute country cottage. These popular storage solutions boast an A-frame roof and provide the perfect backdrop against which to hang colorful flowers in the spring and summertime. Your gable-styled shed can come in several colors, including blue, off-white, gray, two-tone, and wood grain, and Barnyard is pleased to be your gables provider.

Mini Barns

Mini barns are the other type of utility building, and these feature an aesthetic that is quaint and charming. They can also have built-in loft areas, straight stairs, or a staircase with turns, and they can have windows and front porches. These beautiful barns provide more than simple storage: they can become play areas for children or even a workroom.

You can also create the perfect space for recreation or a personal studio, and if you have a motorcycle, you can park it inside.  Seasonal decorations can go inside utility barns, and your children’s toys will be safe from the elements as well.

If your mini barn is not going to be air-conditioned, it is important to not keep works of art, valuables, electronics, antiques, or can of food inside. High temperatures can also pose a problem for storing fuel. If you ever plan to sell your home, you may be pleasantly surprised, as mini barns can add to the value of your property and can definitely be used as a selling point.

Metal Structures

For people who need a large amount of storage space, you can purchase an elephant structure that ranges in size from 12 x 21 to 60 x 100. This storage option gives homeowners choices as to the size and shape of their building, and some can even serve as a garage for parked vehicles. In addition, they can house tractors, campers, and boats, they come in many colors, and you can order them with the windows and doors of your choice. They can even be made to have extra height, and they can be open or enclosed.

Metal structures provide great protection for your items, because they are sturdy and can stand against almost any type of weather. You won’t have problems with deterioration, rotting, or the development of cracks, and they will be immune from destructive pests. You do not need to perform routine maintenance on your metal structures nor will you need to worry that the roof will leak. In addition, your elephant structure will never need to be repainted.

Your metal storage shed is going to be economical, because it needs very little maintenance, and for the one-time cost of construction, it can add value to your property. Your elephant structure will not be at risk for catching on fire, and you also do not need to worry that heavy snow will cause the roof to cave in.

Metal storage buildings are typically lightweight but sturdy, and they are often manufactured out of materials that have been recycled. This is possible, because steel retains its strength through the recycling process, making it an eco-friendly material. It will also be resistant to the growth of mold or mildew, and it will not be susceptible to warping due to changes in temperature and excessive dampness.

We at Barnyard invite you to come to your nearest location to take a look at our wide selection of sheds and outdoor storage options. If you have a structure that needs to be removed, we can take it off the property for you, and we can dispose of the materials safely, and we can move existing storage sheds up to twelve feet in width to a different location. Our friendly associates are available to answer any questions you may have, and we look forward to meeting all your outdoor storage needs.