Outdoor Storage Building Ideas : The Man Cave

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The Ins and Outs of Adding a Utility Storage Shed to Your Home
May 30, 2018
Outdoor Storage Building She Shed Ideas
June 8, 2018

Sometimes you just need a space to call your Man Cave*. Sit back, relax in your favorite reclining chair, watch the game, play a round of pool with the guys, or knock back a couple of cold ones after a long day at work. But where are you going to get this space? Adding an addition onto the house is too costly, the garage is basically a giant closet at this point and you’d rather just leave it alone and the wife said, “Absolutely not!” to you taking over the basement or study. So, what are your options? Consider an outdoor storage building from Barnyard, fully equipped to be the perfect end-of-the-day or weekend escape right in your own backyard!

You are probably thinking, “I need a functional space where I can get away from work, not a utility storage shed to house more tools and a lawn mower.”  That is a fair concern, but do not fret:  a utility building can be more than just a storage area.  As a matter of fact, you can create the perfect man cave that will last for years to come with a durable, high-quality utility shed or mini barn, depending on your style and taste, from Barnyard Utility Buildings.

Our mini barns and utility buildings are built using only the best quality materials that are usually reserved for home construction, due to their customization nature.  From the structure’s base to the siding to the roof, you can rest assured that your man cave will withstand the elements.  Plus, Barnyard’s outdoor storage buildings come with five-year workmanship warranties and various other manufacturer’s warranties, which guarantees that you will have a sturdy structure that lasts a lifetime.

*** Utility buildings are designed to be used for storage and are not intended to be used as living space. Barnyard Utility Buildings can only guarantee utility buildings will pass building codes for storage purposes, only.

How to Make Your Man Cave:  Determining Structure Size

Creating the ultimate man cave for you and your friends is simple when you purchase a utility shed or mini barn from Barnyard Utility Buildings.  Our standard utility storage sheds come in standard floor sizes that range from 8’ x 8’ to 16’ x 24’, but we can also create custom dimensions that meet your exact design specifications.

For example, do you want a man cave that only has a television and a small refrigerator that you use specifically for football, basketball, or hockey games with the boys?  If so, you would be best served with a smaller, standard-sized utility building that is built on-site at our Clover, South Carolina headquarters.

However, if you are in the market for a man cave that can house a pool or ping pong table, a dart board, and a big-screen television, you can contact one of our expert team members at Barnyard Utility Buildings to help you design a utility building or mini barn.

The best part about purchasing a customized, larger storage utility building or mini barn from us?  We can construct your man cave on-site at your home, which allows you to be part of the process from beginning to completion.

Customizing Your Man Cave:  Gables, Windows, Porches, etc.

Barnyard Utility Buildings offers numerous ways to convert one of our top-of-the-line utility storage sheds or mini barns into your dream man cave.  A couple of these customization options include adding gables, windows or a porch to your structure.

When creating your man cave, the general focus tends to be centered around the structure’s interior.  However, you may have to comply with neighborhood or subdivision building requirements such as having matching or similar exterior characteristics on your home, utility storage shed, and yes, your man cave.

Gables give your man cave a classic, A-frame roofline that is popular in most neighborhoods.  This means that you can have your dream man cave—complete with electronics and classic band posters—while still having an aesthetically pleasing building exterior.

Another way that you can improve upon your man cave’s outside appearance is by adding a porch or windows to your utility shed or mini barn.  Not only are porches generally pleasing to the eye if built correctly, but they also provide you with extra outdoor space. Windows can provide a function of keeping the place light and airy plus a nice aesthetic to keep you feeling right at home.

Can you imagine it yet? Barnyard Utility Buildings can help you design an outdoor storage building that can transform into your man cave.

Create Your Man Cave

Why try to cram an extra big-screen television, bar, or pool table into your already crowded home when you can create your own detached man cave that will not disturb the household? Whether you are looking for a space where you can decompress after a long day, or an area that can house weekend get-togethers with the guys, a utility storage shed or mini barn from Barnyard Utility Buildings is the ticket.

We offer exceptional customer service, and our expert team members can walk you through the entire man cave design process.  Give us a call today or visit a Barnyard Utility Building location near you in the Carolinas!