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July 28, 2020
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October 7, 2020

Have you been considering a backyard shed, but you just don’t like the way most look? Perhaps you find them to be boring, bland, or even downright ugly. Maybe you have a classically designed house, and a basic storage shed just won’t match the current exterior design of your property. What should you do? Well, you can stop worrying about one, because an outdoor gable is perfect for you. This takes the concept of a shed to new heights, all while offering you the kind of craftsman look you’ve been hoping for. So when you need outdoor storage but don’t want to go the same route as everyone else and their sheds, make sure to check out our selection of gables. They’ll completely redefine the concept of outdoor storage. 

Need Outdoor Storage?

The “A” Frame Design

Chances are your home has an “A” frame. In other words, the roof isn’t flat but instead comes to a point. This gives an “A” look to the portion of the house (you may have several “A” frames within the entire construction of your home. There are several benefits to this particular design. First, a triangle is the strongest architectural shape. It also allows for debris and moisture to roll off the roof of the construction. With a flat, designed roof debris and humidity will remain, which can cause roof damage. Flat roofs are more commonplace in locations where the weather is generally void of rainfall (such as in Arizona and Nevada). However, with the amount of rain and occasional snowfall here in North Carolina, it is vital to direct moisture away from your roof. An “A” frame can do that.

Other shed designs have a flat roof. Flat roofs are easier and quicker to install. This allows the shed to go up faster and saves you money. However, it may lead to future repairs due to moisture absorption, not to mention it’s easier for animals to burrow into your shed through a flat roof and to collect debris from the horizontal design. 

Matches Your Home

The “A” frame gable will more closely match the design of your home. This is one of the main selling points of the gable. It allows homeowners such as yourself to construct the gable, paint it and add whatever details you might want to the exterior as you build the shed in the image of your home. Flat roof sheds will simply never look like part of your house. For many homeowners, this isn’t a concern, but when you want to maintain design conformity, the “A” frame gable is absolutely the way to go. 

More Clearance

Beyond the improved structural integrity and design benefits, the roof design of a gable will give you more clearance space. This is perfect if you are a taller individual or if you simply need added height for storage. If you’re turning your gable into a studio space, it is easier to install a skylight or even solar paneling. You simply have more options for your roof. 

Options That Fit Your Storage Needs

You should never be forced to conform to your design styles just to increase the storage space in your backyard. At Barnyard Utility Buildings, you’ll never be forced to do that. Here you will find a wide range of design styles. We feature a variety of materials, including wood and composite siding, and a variety of roof, including traditional asphalt shingles and metal roofing. If you have a color preference, all you need to do is ask. This is the beauty of the gables available through our team here at Barnyard Utility Buildings. We want to make sure you have the right building construction so that, once it is all set up and ready, you’ll be glad you finally took the plunge and had a gable or shed installed into your backyard.

Personal Plans

Perhaps after scrolling through the different examples of gables, you still don’t find something that fits your exact vision. That is where our experienced team of designers comes in. They will sit down and work with you on what you’re looking for. They can take into account your lot size as well as the local building requirements (including HOA requirements) for the shed. This way, a gable can be designed to not only fit the specifications of all local ordinances but of you as well. This will keep everyone happy and you with newfound storage right in your backyard.

It’s truly amazing how backyard storage can change the way you live. The backyard storage helps free up space from inside your house. So maybe you can now finally get that second car into the garage instead of leaving it parked outside overnight. Or perhaps you finally have space for that art studio you’ve wanted to set up but haven’t had a chance to. Whatever your needs are, with our staff, we’ll help you realize them. 

Find The Perfect Outdoor Gable For Your Needs

When you need outdoor storage space, but you’re tired of the bland, overdone sheds, our team at Barnyard Utility Builds has you covered. We fully understand no two homeowners are alike, which means your shed needs will almost always be different from the next homeowner. If you’d like to install a backyard shed, but you have a particular look in mind, why not consider one of our many gable designs? Can’t find the perfect predesign? Don’t worry because we’ll work with you on your designs to make sure you end up with a shed that fits all of your needs, both in terms of storage space and the exterior design. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today! We can’t wait to help you finally satisfy your outdoor storage needs.

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