How to Design the Perfect Backyard Man Cave Shed

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July 28, 2020
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You need your own space. Inside or out, you need a spot you can call your own. Maybe the basement has already been taken, or your home doesn’t have a basement. Whatever the situation, don’t fret. You can build a man cave from the ground up!

With the perfectly designed backyard man cave shed, you can skip out of the house and lock yourself inside your sanctuary. And the ability to create your own man cave lets you add all the bells and whistles you might not otherwise be able to do with a pre-existing space.

At Barnyard Utility Buildings, we’re here to help you craft the ultimate man cave. Here are a few suggestions to consider to help get you started with your backyard man cave shed planning.

Building a Backyard Man Cave Shed

Hook Up The Power

You’re going to need power. This isn’t just some random outdoor shed that houses tools. It’s going to be where you watch the big game, kick back after a long day of work, or even be where you work on projects. Whatever you like to do in your man cave, chances are it will take some power. That means you need your shed set up for electricity.

To start, you’ll want to contact your local utility provider and have them come out to mark the utility lines. This will help with where you can and cannot build the shed. It will also help with connecting your shed to power. Running an extension cord from the house to your man cave won’t do it. You’ll need a dedicated circuit, not to mention you don’t want someone to pull the plug on your power right before that last second hail mary.

All Seasons Shed

You don’t just want a spring and summer man cave. You don’t want just an early fall man cave. You want an all seasons man cave. This means you’re going to need to have it properly insulated. With a shed insulated in a similar way to your home, you’ll remain comfortable inside your man cave regardless of the time of year. After all, sports don’t just stop and start with the weather, and neither your need for a cave. Sitting in a winter coat, shivering away the cold while you cling to a cup of steaming coffee, is no way to enjoy your cave. Full blasting heat and AC with an iced cold beverage is. With an all seasons man cave shed, you can live this dream.

Consider Your Space

Just how much space do you want for your man cave? Do you want to fit those oversized recliners? Maybe you’d like some stadium seating where different levels are elevated so everyone can view the screen. Speaking of the screen, how big do you want it? Go big or go home, right? Well, all of this needs to be considered ahead of time. You don’t want to opt for any random shed and then discover you can’t fit half of what you’d like inside. In terms of shed size, it’s always better to go bigger than smaller. You can use more shed space. But if it’s too small, there isn’t much you can do about it.

You should also consider door size. Will a standard door work with getting your sofa inside? No? Well, why not consider a French door design or a large sliding barn door? And don’t worry, we’ll go over all of this with you, so you do not forget anything. Now that we know you want the shed as a man cave, we’ll work with you on size and space requirements.

Let’s Look At The Floor

Here’s one aspect of a shed you might not consider, but you should. Most sheds have a concrete foundation, and that’s that. Now, concrete might be fine if you plan on working with tools or other equipment, but if you’re going to be watching the game in it, you may want to consider something over the concrete foundation. Installing flooring over the concrete is about the same as installing a floor in your home. Of course, as it’s new construction, you’ll know the walls are 90 degrees, and the floor is level. If you’ve tried to install flooring in your own home, you likely have found out this isn’t always the case. Beyond flooring, you might want to consider carpet, or if you want to embrace the sport-look fully, why not go with fake grass? You can even add in a little putting green inside (or around) your shed. Might as well work on your short game while watching the pros.

Design The Perfect Backyard Man Cave Shed

The only thing better than having a man cave in the basement is having a cave you can completely escape. You’ll be completely separated from the rest of the house with a backyard shed, which, let’s face it, is probably exactly what you want. Now, all you need to do is design the cave. You probably already have a few ideas.

We’ll help you develop these ideas into the ultimate backyard retreat for yourself and your buddies. So whether you’re ready to begin the construction phase or you want some input on your plans, our team is here to help. All you need to do is reach out and contact our team here at Barnyard Utility Buildings. In no time, you’ll have that perfect slice of tranquility you’ve been dreaming of.

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