Top Tips on How to Make your own She Shed

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Have you been daydreaming of your very own she shed? Maybe you’ve been eyeballing some of the new shed designs and looks from Barnyard Utility Buildings, and you’re absolutely salivating at the idea of your very own space outside. Perhaps you are in your creative studio inside the house, and there just isn’t enough room for you to work. Whatever the reasoning or where you’re at in the decision process, if you know you want to, you need to plan it out before diving into the project.

Tips on How to Make your own She Shed

Here are some top tips on how to make your own she shed.

Consider What You’ll Be Doing

One of the easiest mistakes is falling in love with a pre-made shed and then just buying it without considering what you’ll be doing inside the shed. Do you just want a space to yourself, or do you have certain projects in mind? Do you like to paint or plant? Perhaps you want a place to put your sewing and knitting items, or maybe you enjoy building models or tinkering with electronics. Whatever you like to do and whatever you want to do in your she shed is possible; you just need to know what it is ahead of time. It’s far too easy to purchase a space, and then, once you begin moving items in, realizing the space is far too small for what you want to do. A she shed is nice, but it won’t do you much good if it’s too crammed with items. Before doing anything, consider what you want to do and how much space you’ll need, then go from there.

Natural Lighting Or Indoor Lighting

Do you want natural light coming in, or would it be better if there was no light at all? Perhaps you run an old school photography studio, and you develop your own film. Well, in that case, you won’t want any kind of light seeping in. If, on the other hand, you paint or just want to get a bit of Vitamin D during the daylight hours, you’ll want to have plenty of windows. Think about this before beginning your shed. You should also consider your shed placement when it comes to your windows. Do you want neighbors to easily see the inside of your shed if you have a window placed close to the property line? Chances are you want your shed to be somewhat private, which means you’ll either need to adjust window placement or install a taller fence or trees where the neighbor-facing-window will be located.

Keeping It Nice And Cozy

There are going to be days where your she shed gets a little chilly. There will be others where you want to stay in there into the wee hours of the morning working on a project. Well, then that’s the case you want a shed that is built to handle these kinds of situations. First, you’ll want to consider a shed that is or can be insulated. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to remain comfortable inside, regardless of the temperature outside? This starts with proper insulation.

The next step is to feed power to your shed. This will take more planning and some work with the local utility companies. If you call 411 (for free), the utility companies will come out and mark the lines so you know where everything is. Realistically you should do this before having any shed placed on your property. The last thing you want is for a utility company to come by and need to rip up your shed because they need access to a line or pipe directly under your shed.

You can then connect some kind of utility to your shed. You might just want to go with an electric connection, as this allows you to run AC, have an electric heater, plug in a coffee maker, a television, your work appliances, or anything else you’ll want. You may also want to consider a gas connection, depending on what you’ll be doing in the shed. A small gas furnace or heater will be far more energy-efficient, or if you don’t want to have a direct line to your home’s gas line, you can connect a propane tank to your shed.

HOA Requirements

This one can be a bit frustrating, but it’s something you need to check with. If you’re part of a home owner’s association, they probably have rules regarding sheds and other backyard constructions. You’ll want to check with the HOA requirements before installing anything. Depending on where you live, the HOA can be prickly when it comes to sheds, and they may try to force you into taking it down (or paying a massive fine for having it installed). It’s best to avoid these kinds of issues whenever you can. And even if you’re not part of an HOA, you should check to see if your county has any shed placement requirements.

Help With Building Your Own She Shed

After going through these different tips and suggestions on how to make your own she shed, your next step will be selecting the kind of shed that would be best for your particular designs and needs. Our expert team can work with you at Barnyard Utility Buildings and customize the right design for your requirements. Whether you need something with a lot of window space, are interested in larger walls so you can fully insulate the interior, or just need any small space as long as there is a double door, we’ll help you achieve your she shed goals. So, what are you waiting for? Go over these top tips and give our team here at Barnyard Utility Buildings a call today!

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