Understanding The Ins and Outs of Building a Garden Shed

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October 13, 2020
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If you find that your storage concerns are getting more complex, it might be time to consider building a garden shed. They are a fantastic home improvement project that offers a number of benefits for any home that is starting to need specialized storage spaces. 

There are several concerns regarding the building of a garden shed, such as local regulations and requirements. So long as you construct your garden shed to the right specifications, you would have nothing to worry about. You could enjoy the benefits of having a garden shed, which are as follows:

1. They add extra storage

Sheds are a great place to store your patio furniture, mowers, tools, and so on. Gardening tools, construction tools, materials, and so on are also great in a shed. If your garage or basement isgetting too full, it might be time to think about constructing your very own garden shed. 

2. They can serve as specialized storage

Properly waterproofed and fixed with lighting and heating, you could create specialized storage for certain goods. You could even add thermal insulation to help with more particular storage needs. Just note that you will need a permit or a professional’s aid if you intend to run electricity for either lighting or heating in your garden shed. 

There are also several zoning considerations you might need to adhere to depending on where you live. 

3. They can raise your property value

Among the top things people search for in a new home is a good use of space (if the house is small to medium-sized); one way you can create better use of these spaces is by having a designated storage shed. If you ever decide to sell your house, your storage shed could up your home’s value bracket by a decent amount, depending on the market. 

Some important concerns

We’ve spoken before about regulations, zoning concerns, and so on. This is the first and most important concern you have to address. Local zoning regulations might require your garden shed and other structures on your property to be at least a meter or more away from your neighbor’s fence, which is definitely something you do not want to learn after your structure has been built. 

Depending on what you plan to include as features in your shed, you might need a few permits. Electricity, specialized storage, insulation, and so on could all have limitations in your area. Make sure to be aware of these restrictions before you start building or to hire a professional to do it for you (as they would likely have a good knowledge of all the permits you might need). 

Final thoughts

A garden shed can be a glorious undertaking. If you manage to meet all the requirements and follow all the regulations in your area, then you could enjoy the benefits of having a new storage space. You could have more space in your home and store some of your more expensive toys in this storage space.

If you’re looking for help constructing your garden shed, send us at Barnyard Utility Buildings a message. We have the skills to navigate the construction of all your storage spaces. 

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