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A garage shed that’s left to collect dust and rust through the years can be a significant eyesore, hogging precious space during your backyard parties and weekend barbecues. Those who want to remove the shed – whether to get rid of it completely or upgrade the space – can get this weekend project done using two options: the DIY and professional approach

Hiring an expert to dispose of your unwanted shed is obviously an easier choice for many reasons, but for weekend warriors who want to take on the project themselves, consider the tips below: 

Tip #1: Gather the Right Tools and Materials 

The key to any successful project is to plan and prepare ahead, so get on the right foot by gathering the following materials you’ll need to knock the shed down:

  • Ladder;
  • Adjustable wrench;
  • Pliers;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Sledgehammer;
  • Hammer; 
  • Chisel;
  • Crowbar;
  • Spare 2x4s;
  • Reciprocating saw;
  • Roofing shovel;
  • Hard hat;
  • Goggles;
  • Heavy-duty gloves;
  • Heavy-duty boots;
  • Long-sleeve shirt and pants;

Tip #2: Remove All Items from the Shed 

The next step is to empty the shed so you can proceed with the removal without damaging your belongings. Of course, it’s better to organize along the way so you can return everything in its proper place accordingly. 

Separate the items by categorizing them into three – from what to keep, hazardous household items that are not allowed in landfills, to belongings you will donate or recycle. 

Tip #3: Consider the Shed Demolition’s Permit Requirements and Disposal Plan

Before you move forward with removing the shed, it’s important to gain approval from your city by acquiring the right permit. Contact your local government and prepare for a permit, which is often required when a structure will be built, remodeled, or demolished. 

Moving forward, you also need to think ahead and plan debris disposal for the leftover materials you have once the shed is removed. 

The Bottom Line: Understanding the Professional Difference When Dismantling a Shed

Weekend warriors, expert woodworkers, and seasoned DIY-ers can try their hand at dismantling a shed, whether to upscale or upgrade it to a better space that suits your current needs. Unfortunately, tearing down the garage shed is only half the battle – there are more factors to consider once everything is down.

Instead of worrying about how to properly get rid of the materials, especially when it comes to concrete foundations, letting the professionals take over the heavy work proves to be the more cost-effective choice. Hiring an expert shed removal contractor can get the job done safely, efficiently, and sustainably. 

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