Metal or Wooden Shed: Know it before you build it

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So you’ve decided to add a shed to your backyard? It’s a great way to instantly pump up the amount of storage space you have or give you that workstation, office, she-shed, or any other addition you’ve been wanting. It’s cost-effective compared to building another room onto your house, not to mention there is far less tape to deal with regarding regulations and permits. But with all of that said, what is the right shed for you? Chances are you already have a few ideas regarding how you want it to look and what you want to do with it, but have you considered a metal or wooden shed design? It’s an important question you need to answer as it impacts everything else regarding your shed. Before you go any further with your shed designs, here is what you need to know about metal or wooden shed.

Metal or Wooden Shed – Which One You Should Go For?

Wondering which type of shed would be better – metal or wooden shed? Here’s all you need to know about both the types of sheds:

The Main Benefits Of Wood

With a woodshed, you do have more design options. You can customize the overall design and shape of the shed. You also have limitless potential paint color as well. Maybe you’d like to paint your shed blue right now, but a year down the road, you wish you went with cream. Not a problem at all. You can change the shed to fit your mood and to go with whatever flowers or plant life you have going on. This is something metal simply can’t do for you.

Wood will also instantly provide you with better insulation. While you’ll still want to consider some kind of additional insulation if you’d like to use the shed throughout the year as a workspace, wood is thicker, so it blocks out the air better.

The Main Benefits of Metal

Metal requires less upkeep than wood. With wood, you will need to perform annual maintenance to the shed. If you don’t, the wood might begin to rot or become infested with bugs. While you do need to perform the occasional anti-rust application on your metal shed, it is far less than what you’ll need to do with wood. Metal is also less expensive to install and can be set up faster. Metal won’t be susceptible to bugs, so you won’t have to deal with that.

Now, you won’t have the kind of paint and color options as you would with wood, and applying a new color isn’t as easy as you will need a special kind of metal paint. But as long as you apply the rust proofing from time to time, you’ll avoid rust and other damage.

One last thing to consider is the risk of a fire. Your metal shed is not going to catch fire. If you add insulation to the shed and other interior upgrades to make the shed usable throughout the year, it will increase the chance of a fire, but even with that, the risk of fire is far lower. That’s not the case with wood. You need to treat wood to prevent it from drying out.

What Kind Of Look Are You Going For?

There is something about wood, even when it begins to deteriorate, that is attractive. Why do you think so many people find the hills of Vermont so appealing? There are old wooden structures that haven’t been used in decades, yet there’s something beautiful about the aged wood against the trees and brilliant grass colors that can’t be replicated. Or you can go with that classic Maine sun-bleached wood shutter look with the white trim. It’s a completely beautiful look that will only really work if you go with wood.

But what if that isn’t something that interests you? Maybe you want something that looks good, is sturdy, is structurally sound, and is something you don’t need to fuss with every single year. If that is what you’re looking for, then absolutely metal is the way to go. While there aren’t as many paints and color options as you have with wood, you might still be surprised how many you can still choose from. You’re not limited to one color. You can have the main body of the shed in one color and the trim in another; you can even have the roof a different color. So don’t think you’ll be forced into a color when it comes to your shed. You still have options.

Property Value

When considering property value, metal is the way to go. Because while you might love that Cape Cod, New England look of wood, when you sell your house, the potential home buyer might look at it and just think of the upkeep costs they’ll have to deal with. That will not only prevent you from seeing any kind of increase in the value of your home, but it might decrease it as a new homeowner will want to tear it out to avoid painting and other upkeep requirements.

But, again, it all comes down to your personal preference and what you want to get out of your shed. There’s no right or wrong answer regarding your personal taste, only your answer. So as long as you have all the answers to your questions, you need to go with what works best for your needs.

Additional Answers To Your Questions

You may still have some questions regarding what the right building material is for your dream shed. Do not worry. Whatever questions you might have, our team here at Barnyard Utility Buildings has the answers. We can go over everything and anything you want to know, not to mention we are happy to provide you with examples or suggestions. From the start of the shed design to concluding with the installation, we are your one-stop shop for all things backyard sheds. So whether you decide to go with wood, metal, or you’re still not sure yet, give our friendly customer service staff a call. We look forward to helping you every step of the way.

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