The Importance of Maintaining your Carport

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For many properties in the area, a full, multi-vehicle garage is not always necessary. Sometimes a carport can provide all the necessary protection for a vehicle. A garage offers four walls, a floor, and a roof, but the necessity of walls isn’t as essential here as what such a construction might be further north, where snow, sleet, and ice are far more common. However, that doesn’t mean you can just leave your carport to the elements and not do a thing to protect it. 

Regular carport maintenance is a must if you want it to hold up. In fact, because the entire structure is exposed to rain, wind, and sun, without regular maintenance, the carport will fall into disrepair, costing you far more than it should. To help, here are important tips and tricks for regular carport maintenance.

Carport Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Inspect The Foundation

The foundation of your carport is the very anchor that holds it together. However, like any other kind of cement anchor, the foundation can crack over time, and the bond holding the metal or wood legs of the carport may start to loosen. This is a problem you don’t want to ignore.

Should you notice cracks in the foundation or legs starting to give when weight is applied, you need to address the problem. Thankfully, as long as you correct the issue right away, you can avoid more serious situations. The carport maintenance isn’t all that difficult either. By filling the cracks in, you’ll secure the bond and avoid further damage. You should keep an eye on the foundation, though. If additional cracking and splitting continue, there may be a problem with the ground underneath the foundation. It may be shifting. If this is the case, you might need to address any soil erosion issues (and you may want to have someone come in and inspect the foundation of your home, as erosion problems in the carport foundation can potentially lead to home foundational issues, and these can become extremely expensive if not corrected right away).

Clean Off The Roof

Roof maintenance isn’t exclusive to your home. The roof of any outdoor structure needs to be cleaned and regularly cleared of debris. Broken branches can weigh down on the roof, eventually leading to depressions and structural damage. Leaves and other debris might withhold water as well, which, depending on the material of your carport, might cause some sagging or mold growth. Once mold begins to develop it isn’t much you can do. Mold is akin to metal rust. It damages the structural integrity of the carport and easily spreads. So regularly check the roof for debris and clean it off whenever you spot anything.

Make Repairs In a Timely Manner

Over time you’ll need to make occasional carport repairs, just like you would with any other area of your property. Thankfully, repairs for your carport will be limited. As long as you stay on top of cleaning off the roof and inspecting the foundation, the repairs you need to make will be limited to replacing screws and bolts. Screws and bolts may rust over time. A rusted bolt or screw will not only begin to fail, but it becomes especially difficult to remove a screw that’s rusted in place. So, during your regular inspections, look over the connecting and securing screws, then make any necessary replacements when you find a problem. It’s a cheap and easy fix, and yet it goes a long way in helping you maintain the structure.

Mow Grass Around the Carport

If you have your carport in the yard, you’ll want to make sure the grass is mowed so the overgrowth doesn’t begin to take over the ground around the carport. Grassroots can be as deep as the grass is tall, so taller grass will have thicker, deeper root systems. The roots will begin to intertwine underneath the foundation of your carport, which can corrupt any part of the carport anchored in the ground. Furthermore, if you have any larger plants, such as trees or bushes nearby, the root system of these objects can start to push up on the walls and anchor points of your carport, which may result in partial lean. The ground your carport is on needs to remain flat, so address the plants and root systems early on to avoid any kind of damage to your carport.

Clean The Carport

Cleaning the carport can help you inspect the structure regularly. Cleaning the carport isn’t just sweeping out any cement foundations or wiping away dirt on the walls and anchor points. Because the carport is fully open, it is easily accessible by insects, birds, mice, and who knows what else. As long as you stay on top of cleaning away debris, you’ll be able to avoid the growth of bird nests (or a wasp nest). Don’t let the debris set; otherwise, before you know it, you’ll have all kinds of animals moving it. Thankfully you shouldn’t have larger rodents calling your carport home as there isn’t the kind of coverage or room for them, but it absolutely will be a target for neighborhood birds.

If you are constantly removing bits and pieces of bird nests, you might want to consider installing a prefabricated bird nest somewhere else on your property to help give the birds another option.

Help With Your Outdoor Structures

From backyard utility sheds to carports on the side of your property, all outdoor structures require regular maintenance and occasional carport repair. Should you ever find yourself in need of replacing such a construction, or if you have the desire to add one to your property, we at Barnyard Utility Buildings can help. 

Adding such a building comes with several requirements, ranging from neighborhood regulations to ensure the addition matches your personal needs. So, before tackling any new outdoor construction, make sure to give our team a call today. We’ll make it easier while reducing how long it takes to erect your building. A beautiful new shed, carport maintenance, or outdoor sanctuary is just a single call away.

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