When is the best time to buy a storage shed?

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March 13, 2019
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What Not to Store in Your Utility Storage Shed
March 13, 2019
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May 10, 2019

So you want to buy an outdoor storage shed. Great decision!

Storage sheds are one of the best investments a homeowner can make. Whether you want it for extra storage, for personal solitude, or to raise the value of your home, you won’t regret the decision to add a storage shed to your property. Some of the most creative things are being done with storage sheds today. She sheds and man caves mean storage sheds are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homebuyers. And the value of having extra storage space available on-site is always worth the investment.

So when is the best time to buy a storage shed? While we are happy to install a shed any time during the year, we recommend purchasing and installing one during the spring, before the summer months hit. Why? Here are 5 reasons why spring is the best time to buy a storage shed.

1. You should enjoy your shed all summer long.

By adding a shed to your property well in advance of the summer months, you’ll be able to enjoy it for a full summer season which is peak time for shed use. Adding your shed to your property at the end of the summer means you’ll have to wait a full year to really take advantage of it. And adding it during the winter or fall months means you might not use it much at all for quite some time.

If you purchase your storage shed right before the summer months hit, you can have it installed and ready to go quickly. Which means you’ll have it at the most optimal time of year for outdoor work and yard maintenance. Spring is also the ideal time to invest in a shed if you’re hoping to store bikes, kayaks, or other summer-friendly equipment inside. Purchase a shed and get the maximal use out of it right after you install it!

2. You should be able to take your time setting things up.

Chances are, you’ll want to spend some time setting things up and evaluating where you want things to go in your new space. If you purchase your shed when it’s cold outside, you likely won’t want to spend much time outdoors in the beginning. And if you purchase it during the height of summer, you’ll have to adjust to the disorganization and then the re-organization during the same months you are using much of what needs to be stored inside. And you may have to do this at the warmest times of the year.

If you install your shed during the spring, you can take your time getting it set up with pleasant temperatures and plenty of time little by little before the summer months begin. The weather is still nice enough during the spring months for you to be outside for longer stretches of time, and you generally aren’t using your lawn equipment as heavily as you will be during the summer months. It really is a win/win!

3. You should beat the rush.

Many shoppers in the storage shed market don’t even consider buying a shed until the summer months hit. Often, it isn’t until people are wrangling their lawn equipment or trying to work around the cars in their garage that they realize they want to make the purchase. So sometimes there is suddenly a summer rush on storage shed orders, meaning installation schedules are quickly filled. Also, shoppers sometimes mistakenly assume that storage sheds are only available for purchase and installation during the summer months. In actuality, many storage shed builders work year-around. But since this isn’t well-known, it means there is often a rush on summer orders.

Totally unnecessary. Get the storage shed you want and the attention you deserve by purchasing your storage shed well in advance of other shoppers. Take your time looking at samples, asking questions, and placing your order. Your shed could be totally installed and fully functional before your friends even realize they want one. In fact, your friends may decide they want one after seeing how much you love yours!

4. You should take advantage of the sales.

Many storage shed builders offer sales during the spring months in order to get the storage shed season off to a good start. Why not take advantage of this? Spring is the time of year for deep cleaning, re-organization, and re-evaluation of home and landscaping needs. Why not take advantage of the sales and purchase the storage shed you’ve wanted and needed for so long? Bonus: Using your tax refund and taking advantage of spring storage shed sales could mean you get a great deal on the shed of your choosing!

Better yet, you can take the money you save on a shed and invest it in fun and helpful organizational tools to use inside that will serve you well for many years.

5. You should avoid the most extreme weather.

Summers and winters can be the most unpredictable with regard to weather patterns, so the spring is the most reliable time to purchase and install a new shed. If you want to be able to build a timeline and set expectations, you’re best bet is to buy a storage shed during the spring. Rain typically doesn’t delay the process, and other weather conditions aren’t usually a threat during the spring months.

Bottom line: The sooner you buy a storage shed, the better.

And there’s never actually a bad time to buy a storage shed. Any time you choose to invest in a storage shed is a good time. But if you have the choice and the available timeframe why not choose to buy a storage shed before the summer months hit? You’ll be free to enjoy it during the sunny months when you’re probably likely to spend the most time outdoors. Just think of the many benefits that await you if you invest in a storage shed before summer. Can you see it in your mind’s eye? We can, too.