Our Top 10 Outdoor Storage Shed Organization Ideas

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May 10, 2019
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When is the best time to buy a storage shed?
May 10, 2019
How Long Should A Wood Storage Shed Last?
June 22, 2019

Deciding how to organize a storage shed can be as tricky as trying to complete a sliding block puzzle where each square can only be moved one at a time in one direction. This is especially true when the storage shed is at full (or overfull) capacity. Absolutely nothing is more frustrating than being unable to find something when it’s needed. So here are our top 10 outdoor storage shed organization ideas.

1. Eliminate the clutter.

While this may seem too obvious to include on a list about how to organize a storage shed, the truth remains: The best way to organize is to start by removing what you don’t want or need. Look carefully at what you’re storing. Is any of it unnecessary? Are you storing anything you haven’t used in a year or two? Are you keeping anything that is broken or useless? Are you storing things that can be easily replaced at a later time if necessary? Start by purging items you don’t really need.

2. Mount a peg board.

One of the most underutilized yet simple-to-use organization strategies is the peg board. Not only is it inexpensive, but the peg board is perfect for storing any type or number of tools. A peg board and a handful of peg hooks can make a world of difference. Bonus: The simple act of getting tools off the floor (or out of a pile!) and onto a board can feel hugely rewarding.

3. Hang some jars.

Using jars to organize screws, nails, bolts, and tacks is not necessarily a new concept. But one way to take jar storage a step further is to create a hanging jar system. This frees up shelving or counter space for other things. Simply attach the screw-top lid of any jar (or collection of jars) to the bottom of a shelf. Fill the jar, and screw the jar into the lid. Not only does it keep tiny, sharp objects from getting lost, but it looks impressive.

4. Re-purpose a pallet.

As any DIYer will tell you, pallets are good for many projects, and one of them is organization. If you need a simple, cheap, and effective storage solution for any number of odds and ends, a pallet may be just the ticket. Simply cut the pallet down to the available storage space, add some nails, and hang whatever items need to be organized. The good news? it’s easy to get your hands on a free pallet. Ask around or check with local businesses.

5. Hook the cords.

Nothing is as frustrating as a pile of hoses or cords on an already-cluttered storage shed floor. And somehow, hoses and cords have a knack for getting tangled or stuck at precisely the time they are most needed. The best solution? get ’em off the floor. Hose hooks are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. Fasten them to any wall or crossbeam and hang your hoses or cords. One quick tip: For the most convenient organization, hang only one hose or cord on each hook.

6. Install cupboards.

Sometimes out of sight is the most effective organization strategy, especially for random odds and ends. Consider mounting cupboards on the wall or setting them on the floor and using the cupboard top as additional shelf space. Know someone who is renovating their kitchen? Ask what they’re planning to do with the old cupboards. Even if they aren’t your cup of tea in the kitchen, they may work just fine in the storage shed. Take it a step further and add a coat of magnetic paint for additional organizational opportunities.

7. Draw some outlines.

One of the more unique but effective storage shed organization ideas involves drawing on the wall literally. After deciding where you’d like to add your nails and hang your tools, take a marker and outline the tool on the wall so you always remember where it belongs. Organization becomes much faster and easier if tools always have a place. It is also easy to see at a glance what tools have been borrowed or are missing. No more digging through piles of clutter or emptying the entire storage shed in search of that one missing tool!

8. Move things up.

Look at the items you are currently storing in your shed. Are there things you only use once in a while? Are there items that get in the way all year around that only come out at holidays or during certain seasons? Create more room for yourself (and your stuff!) by moving rarely used items up on higher shelves or hanging things from the ceiling. Consider rotating seasonal items accordingly. No reason to have holiday decor or seasonally-specific tools taking up precious space all the time.

9. Get some holders.

Toilet paper and paper towel holders can be remarkable organizational tools. Simple to install and to use, these holders are the perfect size to hold things such as rope, twine, string, and garbage bags. They take up very little space and save time (and frustration!) when you need something in a pinch.

10. Utilize the outdoors.

Sometimes the best answer for how to organize a storage shed is actually to move things out of the storage shed. In other words, walk around the outside of your shed and determine if there are ways you could use the exterior walls to store items that otherwise take up precious space inside the shed. Can you mount brooms, rakes, or shovels on the outside walls? Certainly, you don’t want to store anything of value outside the shed that could easily be taken, but if you are able to take advantage of your outside walls, do it. It could free up some much-needed indoor space.

Bottom line: A storage shed’s functionality is almost entirely dependent on its level of organization. The good news? It only takes a few storage shed organization ideas to get on the right track and feel better about your space.