A Guide to HOA Approved Sheds in Charlotte NC

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There’s nothing like having your own outdoor shed to free up space in your home and garage. A shed can make accessing equipment easier and it instantly adds additional functionality to your backyard. However, depending on where you live there might be homeowner’s association requirements regarding your shed. In these instances, you can’t just toss up any old shed and expect it to fly. Even if you haven’t told anyone about the shed and put it up without anyone noticing you known someone will eventually find out and that information will eventually make its way to the head of the HOA. Do you really want to deal with taking the shed down in order to comply with HOA requirements after the fact? That’s an expensive process, not to mention time-consuming. Instead, you need to make sure your sheds in Charlotte NC meet your HOA requirements. Here is what you need to know about likely HOA requirements and how you can make sure your new construction is within your neighborhood’s established guidelines.

Things to Consider for HOA Approved Sheds

Here are a few important things that you need to consider for HOA Approved Sheds:

Construction Permit

Many people make the mistake of starting construction on their property without receiving the necessary paperwork. However, adding just about any kind of permanent construction onto your property requires a permit in and around Charlotte. There are a number of safety reasons behind this, including the location of utility lines. While you own the property the city may from time to time need to access utility lines running under your property. And if your shed is placed above a water or gas line the city might need to remove the shed in order to access the utility lines. If you begin construction on your shed without a permit the city may not only stop construction but fine you for failure to build on your lot without a permit. It’s a hefty fine you can avoid by simply obtaining the necessary permit. The length of time it takes to receive a permit may vary. Sometimes you can apply for a permit and receive it on the spot (or at least within a few hours). However, if property inspections are required it can take upwards of several weeks to perform. If you have a private septic tank on your property it may require a visit from the health department.

Sheds in Charlotte NC That Are HOA Approved

Before you go and apply for your city permit though you need to receive approval from your homeowner’s association. After all, you don’t want to pay for a permit (which, depending on the on-property inspections can cost a few hundred dollars) only to find out you are unable to use it.

When checking with your HOA you’ll find out if you can have a shed on your property in the first place. If you can you’ll then receive exact specifications regarding the shed. There might be measurements you need to abide by. There might also be requirements around the material used, the color it is painted, and whether it can have electricity running to the shed. All of this information will be detailed and included in the HOA documentation.

Once you have the information regarding shed requirements you will want to contact the team at Barnyard Utility Buildings.

Shed Construction That Meets HOA Requirements

At Barnyard, we will go over your HOA requirements and then work with you on creating blueprints that not only meet the homeowner’s association requirements but also check off all your needs. With the blueprints in hand, you can go to the city to apply for the permit. It’s usually a good idea to have the blueprints for your shed prior to applying for the permit (although it’s not always necessary). Having the completed blueprints with you when applying for the permit is easier as sometimes the city will ask you for specific measurements of the construction. You may find that the measurements of the current blueprints do not fit on your lot based on where the city’s utility lines are. In this instance, you can receive the permit but then go back to the team at Barnyard and have the plans for your shed changed to not only fit the HOA requirements but also the city’s requirements as well.

Construction Of Your Shed

As you can see there are a number of potential pitfalls behind attempting to build the shed yourself and avoiding both a permit and HOA approval. By contacting Barnyard, your HOA and receiving the appropriate permit you’ll have the right plans for your property. From there, we can begin construction of your shed. This way, once the shed is up and ready for your usage you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you have received all the necessary approvals from the city and your homeowner’s associate. Of course, if you have any questions regarding the process of HOA approval and designing your shed make sure to contact the team at Barnyard.

Making Sure Your Sheds In Charlotte NC Are HOA Approved

Before you invest in any kind of shed or outdoor construction it is critical to make sure you are within HOA regulations. If you’re not it will result in a very expensive shed you need to take down, or at the very least, a hefty fine. Instead, you need to consult first with your HOA and receive both approval to construct your shed and also receive written documentation on the requirements of the shed. With this information, you can proceed.

Sometimes the information can be confusing, especially if you have never built a shed or any kind of construction before. Instead of guessing and hoping your shed is within HOA guidelines you need to turn to the team at Barnyard. The experts here will go over all your HOA requirements and make sure no matter where you live in the area or what the regulations of your homeowner’s association are, the sheds in Charlotte NC will follow all the requirements. So before you begin any construction plans, make sure to give the team at Barnyard a call.

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