Should You Rent a Storage Unit or Buy a Storage Building in Charlotte NC?

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November 12, 2019
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Storage space in any home is a premium. It’s rather remarkable how quickly your closet space fills up. Even if you have a basement and attic these areas in your house can only hold so much before becoming a fire hazard. So what exactly are you supposed to do with everything you own? Sure, you can probably pitch some of the items. But then there are the holiday decorations, the photo albums, and clothing you won’t need until next winter that you need to save. So what are you supposed to do with it all? You can’t toss some of these things out, and you don’t want to live in a house that’s overflowing with boxes.

A cramped living space can be stressful and lead to an increased level of anxiety. To help, you need some sort of storage unit. This can give you dozens, if not hundreds of square feet of added space to store items you don’t readily need inside the house. There are plenty of storage options out there. You can either rent a storage unit, or you can build your own outdoor storage building or shed. Which is right for you? Here’s are the pros and cons of a storage building in Charlotte NC.

Pros and Cons of Renting A Storage Building in Charlotte NC

Chances are when it comes to instant storage you likely think of a storage unit. After all, there are plenty of storage unit options around town for this exact reason. You can find units no larger than a household closet or units that are big enough to fit full RVs and boats. If there is a size of storage unit you need, you’ll be able to find it.

But is a storage unit right for you? Here’s what you need to consider.

First, a storage unit will cost you a monthly rental fee. The more space you need the more you’ll pay per month. Some storage units allow you to go month to month, others require you to pay a year at a time (although typically you’ll get a price reduction if you pay on an annual basis instead of a monthly basis).

Because you’re typically paying month to month a storage unit is best used when you only need short term storage. Perhaps you’re moving stuff around inside your house and you need the extra space. Or maybe you’re leaving the neighborhood but don’t have enough room in the truck to move everything. You might not know exactly when you can come back for the excess items, so you need a few months to figure everything out. In these instances, a storage unit is great. You’ll have the storage when you need it and can stop paying for it when you don’t.

The downside though is you’re not building equity. This is money that goes strictly for storage and, when you’re done using it, that’s money out the window. Additionally, if you plan on using the storage long term you may end up spending thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on storage after several years. Do you really want to spend that kind of money on storage that isn’t yours? Probably not.

Benefits of Buying An Outdoor Storage Building

The other option is buying an outdoor storage building in Charlotte NC and adding it to your property. What are the cons of such a unit? Well if you have plans on moving in the near future it won’t do much good to pay for a new construction when you’ll only get a few months of use out of it. In this case, it’s far more cost-effective to go with renting a storage unit. You’ll also likely need to consult your homeowner’s association to make sure you can add the external construction on your property. Typically, you can, but it’s an extra step you need to do ahead of time.

The main benefit with buying a storage building in Charlotte NC for your home is you will instantly increase your property value. This means if you do ever decide to move you will be able to bump up the asking price (or, at the very least, make your home more attractive to potential buyers). If you have no plans of moving any time soon the building is a better value as well. Eventually, you’ll end up spending more on renting a storage unit than you would on buying and constructing a storage building on your property. Any kind of long-term storage needs is better served with a physical construction on your property. It’ll cost less over this length of time and you’ll improve your property value. It also makes it easier to access anything you might need that is in storage. Instead of driving across town to grab an item you can walk to the backyard and fetch it out of the storage building.

Long Term Storage Help

Renting a storage unit in Charlotte NC is great if you need short term storage help. Maybe you’re moving and you just need to get things out of the house for the time being, or perhaps you’re putting together a garage sale and you need to clean out the display space for your sale. When it comes to short term storage there’s nothing better than renting a storage unit. But when you need long-term storage help, you want to go the way of buying an outdoor storage building. This keeps everything close to your house, and you won’t be constantly paying a monthly fee for the facility.

So, if you’ve gone over the pros and cons and decided a Charlotte NC storage building is right for you, now is the perfect time to give the team at Barnyard’s a call. From helping you with obtaining a building permit from the city all the way to working with any HOA requirements, your new storage building in Charlotte NC is just a phone call away.