Old to New: Revamp your storage shed with gables

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July 22, 2021
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how to build an eco shed
Sustainability is Important: How to Build an Eco Shed
July 22, 2021
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September 15, 2021
gable shed

Sometimes the smallest details can make the largest impact. In architectural design, these little features fully transform a home, place of business or any other kind of building. It’s the difference between a regular column and a column featuring carvings or even basic designs. It’s the difference between a basic wall and ceiling and one with crown molding. These little tweaks can dramatically change how a room is perceived (not to mention help improve the property value). 

But what about a shed? How can you take a traditional shed and upgrade its appearance? After all, there’s only so much space available for you to do anything with. While there’s no need to go overboard in revamping the look of your shed, you can revamp it with a gable shed. Here’s everything you need to know about gables and how these updates can transform the look of your shed.

What is a Gable?

Chances are you’ve heard the term before. Maybe you even grew up with someone who constantly watched Ann of Green Gables, so the word gable will always have a direct connection with the TV show, movie, or books. However, you may not know exactly what a gable actually is.

A gable is the portion of a wall that connects with the end of a pitched roof. Most houses have a slanted roof that extends above where the regular portion of the outer wall ends. This area of the wall (or the “triangle” area between the slanted roof and where the regular portion of the wall ends) is the gable.

With some gables, there isn’t anything stylish added. It simply runs up to the roof, continuing the seamless look of the rest of the wall. However, it also acts as the perfect location to add a stylish design or new detail to help set the construction area apart.

Design Features of Gables

When you look at many modern constructions, very few decorative elements are often found around the gables. Perhaps there is a window in this area, or at most, there is different paint color, but outside this, there isn’t much excitement or special attention placed on the gables.

This is very much different when looking at previous housing styles. Victorian houses will have all kinds of elaborate decorative features here. There might be some wood cutouts on the roof’s overhang, and there are likely some border designs and various coloration throughout the gable shed. But as is the case with many modern home designs, that little extra pizzazz has gone by the wayside.

That doesn’t mean you need to accept the ordinary for your own home design projects, including your storage shed. One of the fastest ways to add instant interest to the shed is by concentrating on the gables.

Improve Your Shed’s Look With Elegant Gables

You can make all kinds of small tweaks and adjustments with a modern shed with a pitched roof. For starters, you can go simple and add an accent color to the gable shed if you have a paintable surface. This little pop of color will not take long to apply, yet it will instantly upgrade the look. It’s like adding an accent wall into a room. The painting process will only take, at most, a few hours, and when you’re done, it will bring a new level of excitement to the room.

But maybe you want to add more intrigue to your shed, and you don’t want to stop at just a different paint color. Depending on the width of the roof’s overhang, you might add some decorative wooden features installed on the underside of the overhang. You can go as simple or elaborate as you like, and as long as the installation is measured and cut correctly, it will install easily.

Designing Your Own Gables

Perhaps you don’t currently have a shed, but you are considering adding one to your property. In this case, you can fully design your own gable shed to better take advantage of this exterior wall space.

If you’d like, it is a great location for a window. The window will help bring in extra light into the shed. Even if it is a basic storage shed, you may find yourself working within the shed from time to time. In these instances, having an open window here will help with air circulation. You’ll also be able to look into the shed without opening up the door.

Of course, having windows in the gable shed will make it easier to upgrade the shed into a workspace, a she-shed, an outdoor office, or some other room beyond the regular storage shed.

Even if you decide to go with a window in the gables, you can still focus on adding secondary paint colors (as long as the shed is built with a material, such as wood, that can take applied paints. If this is not the case, you’ll have to plan accordingly and use a different colored building material during construction).

Whatever kind of design you are interested in with your own shed, our staff at Barnyard Utility Buildings can help you realize it.

Install a Craftsman Shed Today

When it comes to building a gable storage shed, there are various options available to you. However, when designing the right size and looking for your property, it’s always best to go with the utility building experts here at Barnyard Utility Buildings. If you have a current shed, we can help provide you with updates and upgrades to further your enjoyment. Or, we can help you design a shed from scratch so you have exactly what you’re interested in from day one. Whatever situation you might find yourself in, our staff is here to help. All you need to do is give us a call at your convenience, and we’ll handle the rest of the gable shed design.

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