He-shed, she-shed: Throwing in ideas for your shed?

No place to go for V-day; why not turn your garden shed into the perfect spot for a date
February 3, 2022
What to expect when you choose to install a shed at home
March 9, 2022
No place to go for V-day; why not turn your garden shed into the perfect spot for a date
February 3, 2022
What to expect when you choose to install a shed at home
March 9, 2022

Who said a shed needs to be used as, well, a shed? Yeah, you could toss in all your lawn equipment and tools. You could use it as extra storage to clear out the garage. And yeah, you can keep it dark and dreary, which is the case for several homeowners and their sheds. Or, you could have real fun with your backyard shed designs. You can transform it into the ultimate she-shed or he-shed. Instead of looking at it as extra storage space, you can look at it as an extra, stand-alone room for your home. Considering it this way, a world of backyard shed ideas will come to you. But, if you’re struggling with generating a few ideas, here are a handful to help get you started.

Arts and Crafts Shed

Whether you love to paint, sculpt, or you’re always tinkering with different mediums, you need a dedicated space for this. However, having a room inside the house doesn’t always give you the kind of peace you need to create art. If you have kids (especially young ones), they will constantly be popping in to check in on you, not to mention the noise they create can make it difficult to focus on what you’re doing.

With an arts and crafts shed, you can have complete tranquility. You can control the environment, the music, and the lighting. By building the shed to have natural lighting coming in from various sides, you’ll be able to have a comfortable, relaxing studio, all away from the house.

The Writing Room

Are you a writer? Do you like to create stories from the depths of your mind? If so, you know the importance of not only having your own space but a space free of distractions. It’s so easy to begin working on your writing, and then, out of nowhere, you decide to check your email or start a load of laundry. Just about anything that you know needs to be taken care of. You like to stay busy, yet your brain needs tranquility to create. With a writing room, you can control this environment. You can set it up to better match your writing mood. From natural lighting to bringing in plants to give you a relaxing atmosphere, a writing room shed is a great way to take advantage of the additional space you’re creating.

Music Lounge

There’s just something about kicking back in a favorite chair, pouring a glass of wine, and listening to a favorite record. Those few minutes can help reset the mind and calm the body. But that doesn’t always work inside the house. Unless you live on your own, you might not have a room you can do this in that doesn’t disturb others. The music lounge shed is the ultimate destination for music lovers.

Recording Studio

Maybe you’re more in line with the recording aspect of music instead of listening. That or you produce your own voice-over work or sound effects. With a backyard shed, you can build the ultimate recording studio from the ground up. You can focus on insulation, add foam walls on the inside to help prevent sound from bouncing around, and set up the kind of electrical system you need for your recording space. It can be next to impossible to have a recording space inside a house that has more than just you in it. Even the dog can find a way to make more noise than desired, and recording a podcast in your closet isn’t the most comfortable thing to do. So ditch the closet and begin planning your ultimate recording studio.

The Bar

Why go out when you can stay in? As you’ve gotten older, you may crave the ability to stay in with friends. And yet something is missing—that feeling of an Irish pub or a favorite sports bar. There’s just a certain feel to the wood and the countertop, or the way the glass behind the counter reflects neon beer signs of the drive joint. Well, why not build your very own bar within a shed? Whether you’re a fan of dive joints, upscale cocktail lounges, or traditional Irish pubs, you can make it all your own. Want a Mexican cantina feel? Sure thing, you can do that as well (and even install a margarita machine while you’re at it).

You’d be surprised as to how easily you can put together the ultimate bar. This way, you’ll have an even greater excuse to stay in for the weekend.

Yoga Shed

Getting a few minutes worth of yoga in every day can be challenging. Whether you have kids jumping on your back or the dog licking at your face, trying to get in your yoga routine isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But don’t worry; you can have your very own slice of tranquility by setting up a yoga shed. You can have room to store your rolled mats, and you can bring in plenty of natural lighting, install plants, and even have a music system installed, so you have true zen serenity playing through the speakers. The options are only limited to your imagination. So, if you’re interested in a yoga shed, a Pilates studio, or even a home gym, the shed is a great place to set all of this up in.

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