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March 23, 2023
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The tiny house movement has grown beyond a mere trend or phase. Over the last decade, it has become a significant cultural phenomenon, with people renovating small spaces to maximize livability. TV shows and other programs have focused on constructing and developing these “houses.” It has even led to some big box outlets, including Amazon, offering “tiny houses” for purchase directly through their website.

All of this sounds so quick and easy, right? You’re sold on only paying a few thousand dollars, and you have your tiny house, or at least the materials, delivered right to your front door. It’s as simple as setting up the kid’s swing set. Well, not precisely (have you ever tried to put one of those old swing sets together? They can be a nightmare). All kinds of issues arise with these purchases the glorifying reviews won’t tell you about. 

That is why, if you’ve been searching for “storage buildings for sale near me” and are considering an Amazon tiny house purchase, here is what you need to remember before you make your purchase.

1. You Don’t Get Everything You Need

Here’s what they normally don’t tell you about these tiny house purchases from Amazon. In general, you receive the material for the framing, and you might receive cement for the foundation. That’s it. You typically won’t receive any type of glass for the windows, and if you want to turn your tiny house into a shed that can be used throughout the year, you absolutely will not receive the insulation, nor will you receive electrical elements for wiring. These products come with the frame, the walls, and that’s it.

When you start breaking down the cost, it is more efficient to find a local utility building provider, such as Barnyard, to provide a stick-built utility building.

2. The Instructions Aren’t Always Easy to Follow

Remember when you were putting LEGOs together and suddenly realized you missed a piece five steps back? You then have to retrace your steps, removing assembled portions of your kit, only to put that one piece back into position. Frustrating, isn’t it? And even then, LEGOs are at least forgiving. Installing a tiny house or storage shed in your backyard with the instructions provided can be so much more problematic. 

These instructions are never all that in-depth, and it is easy to not only miss important information, but you might do it wrong, which, guess what, means you need replacement material. Your Amazon kit does not come with replacement material, so you must go to the hardware store to purchase it. While there, you must hope they have the correct sizes and materials your Amazon kit includes. These types of kits typically use cheap, inferior products, which means the wood you buy at the hardware store is typically of higher quality. Another reason it is better to buy a traditional shed that is installed on your property by professionals.

3. Real Customer Service With Local Professionals

Don’t be swayed by pricing alone. When looking at the price of a tiny house on Amazon,  the initial low price point draws you in. What you don’t realize is there are a variety of other hidden costs involved you need to be aware of.

Outside of pricing, what are your options if parts arrive damaged or are missing? Are you stuck “making it work” or purchasing additional materials out of pocket? Working online makes it difficult to get the quality of service you need to get what you need to complete your tiny home.

The counter to purchasing a tiny home or utility shed online is to purchase from a local, family-owned business like Barnyard.  

With the team here at Barnyard Utility Buildings, you can select from one of the pre-designed and already-built sheds or design your dream shed from the ground up. You may be surprised at how affordable it can be to have your dream shed built and installed on your property, all with all the permits and approvals handled for you. Our friendly staff is also here to help out with questions or issues along the way!

Find Your Next Storage Shed Today

When it comes to your backyard storage shed, it is crucial to ensure it is built correctly the first time around. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an inferior product that likely stands the test of time or your patience. 

Instead, if you’re ready to install a new shed or tiny home and want to ensure it is of the highest quality possible, you owe it to yourself to contact the team at Barnyard Utility Buildings. If you wish to help design the shed from the ground up or are interested in buying a pre-built fabrication, you will find it all at Barnyard. So give the team a call, send an email, or feel free to stop by one of the local retail outlets to discover the Barnyard difference.