Why Building A Shed Is A Good Investment 

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January 4, 2023
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Thinking about adding a storage shed or utility building to your property? A shed is a good investment that can be tailor constructed to fit your needs. It will provide you with storage that frees up the garage, or it can even be used as a new outdoor room, depending on the features you decide to install with it.

Whatever the design of the shed, or the size, it’s always a good idea to work with a professional team that is able to ensure the new building is up to code, adheres to any HOA requirements, and isn’t built over any current utility lines. When searching for who builds sheds near me, you will find one of the top service providers in greater Charlotte, our team here at Barnyard Utility Buildings. Read more to understand why sheds are a great investment.

Instantly Gives You More Storage Space

Few additions to your property give you instant storage space a shed can provide. This alone makes it worthy of being included as an excellent investment. Most homeowners need help with the amount of storage they have available. Especially storage designed for outdoor equipment. Because of this, the garage can quickly become overflowing with so many pieces of sporting equipment, gardening tools, lawnmowers, and other items that there is less and less room available for the garage. And leaving your garage parked outside might leave your vehicle susceptible to the elements or other problems.

Instead of letting your love for gardening or skiing take over your garage, a storage shed in the backyard will free up the space, giving you ample storage for both your outdoor equipment and your vehicles. Plus, with some shed designs, there is room to have a loft. This is optimal for storing your holiday decorations and other items you might only need once a year.

Don’t forget with a new shed; you have the opportunity to properly organize your storage shed! Ready to get started building your shed today? Configure your shed here: https://www.4barnyard.com/build-your-own/

Can Convert Into A New Room

Not too long ago, the concept of the “she-shed” took over the Internet. A she-shed basically started as a shed and then was converted into an outdoor space designed for just about anything besides storage. These designs included anything from becoming a yoga studio and reading library all the way to a private art refuge to an indoor/outdoor gym.

The beauty of taking a shed and converting it into a new room is the sky is the limit with what you can do. Maybe you love having a home office and the power of working without leaving the house, but your children will only leave you alone, and it’s challenging to complete all the work you need to do from home. Instead of heading out to the office (or renting an office in town), you can build a shed and have it retrofitted with all the bells and whistles you need for a comfortable backyard office at home and yet still away from the house.

With these types of additions, we are able to work with you and design the space you are interested in. We can add windows or insulate the shed, so it is protected from the elements and even assist in having electricity connected to the shed, allowing you to connect your electronics, or run heating and cooling units throughout the year, which helps truly make the space a year-round, usable room.

This add-on is a fantastic investment for both you, personally, and your property as well. You’re essentially adding another room to your home without paying the kind of prices you usually would have the new room installed and built on your house (not to mention you don’t need the same type of licenses and property inspections to do this).

Protect Your Vehicle

When you have so many items stored in your garage that you can no longer park in it, it makes your vehicle susceptible to outdoor problems. A storm could knock down a tree branch, and it could crash into your vehicle. Or there are vehicle thieves all over the place these days. Catalytic converters go for big bucks, and if your vehicle is parked outside, some skilled individuals can easily move this from your vehicle in only a few minutes. Instead, with an outdoor shed, you can free up space in your garage and park your vehicle inside the garage, where it is protected from the outdoor elements.

Find Your Dream Shed Today

Interested in adding a shed to your property, but you need to figure out what shed is right for your needs or budget? Here at Barnyard Utility Buildings, we are here to help. Whether you want a small shed to hold your landscaping equipment or you want something more significant for a property, we have both pre-designed sheds as well as the ability to work with you and design the ultimate shed for your needs. And, if you’re in a pinch and are interested in an already-built shed, we often have lot of models available at many of our locations.

Whatever your needs, when it comes to sheds, carports, or mini barns, we are here and look forward to working with you. Contact our team today!