Why Chose a Shed Built On Site

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Where can I buy a Storage Shed? 
June 22, 2023
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July 28, 2023

Are pre-built sheds not quite meeting your expectations or needs? Pre-built sheds offer an exceptional solution when you have a small space and need a shed quickly. However, they don’t work for every situation. Maybe you need something to fit into a specific location or want to customize your storage shed. There are many options when it comes to “sheds built on site near me.”

Shed providers like Barnyard Utility Buildings, who build the shed in your yard, allow you to have the perfect solution for your available space and storage needs. Plus, since you see the construction process of the shed from the ground up, you can witness the caliber of work and materials that go into the shed.

No Worries About Fitting a Shed to the Site

Space should be your first consideration when choosing a shed. You must have something that comfortably fits into your yard or on your property. Pre-built sheds require maneuvering the unit into place, which mandates that you have adequate clearance from the road to the site. However, you may have plenty of space in your yard for a shed but lack the room to get a full shed into place. For example, maybe the only access to your site is to wedge the shed between your home and your neighbor’s home! In cases like this, the best solution is an on-site built shed.

Another perk of choosing a utility building constructed at your home is your selection. When you know that you want a barn built on-site, you have a larger range of sizes to choose from, with dimensions ranging from 8-by-8 to 16-by-24 feet.

Additionally, if you, like many in the Carolinas, live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association (HOA), you likely have strict requirements about the size or style of additional structures on your property. By choosing a shed built on-site, you have customization options that ensure your new shed fits the requirements of your HOA as neatly as it sits on your property.

Ability To Customize Your Shed

Customizing your shed to meet your HOA requirements is only one benefit of customizing a shed built on your site. You also have extra ways of tailoring the structure to match your home or suit your use for your storage shed.

The size of the storage shed will be the first choice you make. Length and width dimensions dictate the amount of space you will need in your yard and the potential additions to the unit you can make inside and out. For example, with a 16-foot structure, you can have an attic loft with stairs installed inside for extra storage.

For example, you can select a barn or gable roof design. If you opt for a mini barn, you benefit from a taller structure with more upper-level space for storage. Gable roofs have an A-frame shape that reflects the common roof styles used in many homes.

Additional means of customizing your shed include selecting door styles, siding colors, and materials, whether to include windows and how many, a covered porch, number of gables, and roof pitch. With so many ways to personalize your shed, your on-site built outbuilding will meet your specific needs.

With pre-built sheds, what you see is what you get. However, with on-site constructed options, you have the freedom to imagine a solution for your needs. Whether you want an outdoor workshop, hobby room, store room, or child’s playhouse, you’ll have the ability to create the perfect design that we at Barnyard Utility Buildings create.

Exceptional Quality You See Before and During Construction

A major concern when purchasing pre-built sheds is getting the unit to your home without damage. When pre-built sheds ride on the back of a truck at highway speeds to your home, the shingles can pull back, and the siding sustains damage from wind-blown debris. Think of the damage that would happen to a shed after a storm with 60-mile-per-hour winds, and you will have an idea of what can happen to a shed as it travels at the same speed on the highway.

With a shed constructed on your site, the quality of the building starts even before it reaches your home. You won’t have a damaged shed arrive. Instead, the builders bring the materials needed to craft your new storage unit.

Throughout the construction process, you can see the quality used in the materials and building. When you choose to work with us at Barnyard Utility Buildings, you have a shed constructed using the same materials and methods implemented in homebuilding. In fact, we back our classic wood building construction with a five-year workmanship warranty.

Your shed construction process includes pre-planning and planning phases that ensure the materials and your home are both prepared for construction. The first stage of building is creating a foundation to protect the shed from insects and moisture intrusion. You can opt to pour a concrete foundation or let us build your shed on simple concrete piers.

As you should expect, the materials used in building your shed have exceptional quality for an outbuilding that will last for years. For example, at Barnyard Utility Buildings, we use industry-leading siding options, such as Louisiana Pacific SmartSide siding, which comes with a 5/50-year warranty. For shingles, we use Owens Corning algae-resistant shingles that last a quarter of a century or longer. You may know Owens Corning as a premium manufacturer of roofing shingles used on homes. Pressure-treated wood prevents damage caused by weather, moisture, and pests.

From the arrival of materials at your site to the completion of your storage shed, you’ll see high-quality used at every step of the process to ensure the beauty and stability of your barn for years.

Visit Barnyard Utility Buildings for On-Site Built Sheds that Exceed Your Expectations

Stop trying to force a pre-built shed to fit your site. Find your nearest location for Barnyard Utility Buildings to learn more about having a shed built on your site. We can help you to customize a shed that meets all your requirements and those of your city and HOA. Have questions? Let us know. We’re here to help you find storage solutions to perfectly fit your site. You’ll discover how much we live up to our motto of “You imagine it. We build it.”