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Getting a storage shed opens up numerous possibilities for your yard. You can use the shed to store lawn equipment or as a personal hobby space. The options for how to use your shed are only limited by your imagination.

While the decision to buy a shed is a big one, it only starts the purchase and installation process. You must know where to start when you’re ready to buy a shed. Find out everything you need to know about purchasing a storage shed here.

What Should I Do Before Buying a Storage Shed?

Before buying a storage shed, decide first how you will use it. The shed’s purpose will dictate the size, design, location in your yard, and other amenities.

For instance, if you want to use your shed as a hobby space, you may want to install extra windows to bring natural light into the room. However, if you’re going to use your shed to secure your outdoor tools from prying eyes, you’ll want a shed without windows and a door that you can securely lock.

Another factor that will be important in your shed selection is the size of the shed. How much floor space do you need? The square footage and ceiling height of the shed are both critical factors. For example, if you need to store a freestanding basketball goal, you will need a shed with at least a 10-foot high ceiling to accommodate the tall plan, even if you will only require a little floor space.

Will your use of the shed require a loft space above the main floor? If so, you can use a mini-barn with a gambrel roof with two slopes or a Gabled “ A Shaped “ style roof. The first of these slopes is steeply pitched to accommodate a loft area, while the second slope has a more shallow angle to close the roof overhead. Either can be used to accommodate a loft.

Finally, think about the type of door you need. If you use the storage shed for keeping a riding lawn mower, you’ll likely need an extra-wide opening to drive the mower inside. However, you can have a standard door for using the shed as a place to do hobbies, such as crafts or music.

Where Can I Buy a Storage Shed?

Once you decide the size of shed you want, you need to move on to the buying phase. Thanks to the internet, you now have more options than ever for places to purchase your shed. However, all buying options are not the same. While you can shop online, build your shed from a kit, or visit a lot, you won’t get the service from all these places. In many instances, you may not even have the same results.

Find out why you need to use caution when shopping online or building your shed and how you can overcome the problems with these options by going in person to a lot.

Buy Online with Caution

You can buy a shed online, but be very careful about the shopping site you choose. You may see or read stories from shoppers who buy things online to find that the delivered item is not what they paid for. For instance, someone may order a couch for their home and end up with a tiny couch even a chihuahua wouldn’t fit on. Visit our lots so that this doesn’t happen to you when ordering a shed.

When ordering online, only shop from reputable dealers who can build or deliver your shed and offer support for the shed. Reputable dealers typically have physical locations, too, from which they operate. In such instances, you can review shed options online to get an idea of what’s available.

If you want to use the internet, do so as a step in the process of buying a storage shed. Look at your options online and see what you can get from various in-person locations to help you find a suitable shed for your home.

Take Risks Building Your Own

You might try to build your shed, but this option comes with considerable risks. You’ll need to invest not only your money in the components but also your time in the construction. Unless you have extensive experience with building and the right tools to do the job efficiently, you may end up wasting time and spending more money than you intended.

Visit a Lot in Person for the Best Option

The best way to buy a storage shed is to visit a retail location in person. When you go to a lot, you can see the size of the storage sheds for yourself. You may discover that some sheds are larger or smaller than you imagined.

When you go in person to a lot of locations, you’ll get to discuss customization, delivery or “Build Dates”, and financing options with an expert in sheds. You won’t get this same type of customer service by building your shed or shopping at a random internet site.

Whether you know exactly what you need or want to discuss your options, visiting the lot is the best way to design and buy the storage shed you need.

Find Your Nearest Barnyard Utility Building Lot Location to See Great Sheds In Person

Visiting the lot in person allows you to see various models of sheds for yourself. You may surprise yourself with how much space even the smallest sheds have once you see them. Come visit Barnyard Utility Buildings, we have several locations across North and South Carolina, and also provide service to the Lincolnton, NC; Waxhaw, NC; Spartanburg, SC; Lancaster, SC; and Rock Hill, SC areas. Come check us out to see sheds before you buy one. If you have any questions, let us know by contacting our corporate headquarters online.