The Best Uses for Backyard Utility Sheds

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When you think of utility sheds, you probably think of backyard storage structures that are used to house miscellaneous tools and lawn equipment that cannot fit into your home or garage. Although utility sheds are great options for overflow storage, these structures are versatile and allow homeowners to create the backyard that they have always wanted.

Whether you are an urban farmer who needs a shelter for smaller farm animals, a parent who wants to design the perfect playhouse for your children, or an avid gardener who wants a focal structure around which you can plant an immaculate garden, a utility shed is a perfect option when it comes to achieving your desired backyard aesthetic.

A backyard utility building can be transformed into the storage space or bonus building that meets your exact recreation or storage needs, and to showcase this point, we have compiled a list of the best uses for backyard utility sheds below.

General Storage Space

The first and most obvious uses of backyard utility sheds is for extra storage space. We all have one of those rooms in our homes, maybe it is even your garage: there are seasonal holiday decorations sitting in the corner in totes; golf clubs, winter sports gear, and children’s roller skates in the middle of the room along with camping equipment and necessities like tents and tackle boxes strewn across the floor.

Instead of having all of these miscellaneous, seasonal items taking up extra room in your house that could be used as an office or guest bedroom, you can use a backyard utility shed to store these objects in an orderly, easily-accessible fashion. Your utility shed allows you to free up more living space in your home and makes it so you do not have to close the door on the “storage room” in your house whenever you have guests over to visit.

On a similar note, using a utility shed for general storage purposes is a great way to avoid paying monthly rental fees for a commercial storage unit across town. Owning a backyard utility shed saves you the hassle of driving miles, burning automobile fuel, and loading and unloading heavier items into and out of your car. Convenience and practicality are key, and using a backyard utility building for your storage needs saves you both time and money in the long run.

Lawn and Garden Equipment

Along with using a backyard utility shed for general storage purposes, another great use for this type of storage structure includes housing lawn and garden equipment. Lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, shovels, rakes, bags of potting soil, and more can take up nearly half of the space in a standard two-car garage. If you are tired of keeping one of your family’s cars parked outside on the driveway where it is exposed to all types of weather events because your lawn and garden equipment has overtaken your garage, it is time to purchase a carport or backyard utility building.

Another use for your utility shed is for firewood storage. After a long fall day of raking leaves into a burn pile in your backyard, the last thing you want to do is carry heavy loads of firewood from your garage to the backyard firepit. Along with the vast amount of space that firewood can take up in your garage, the convenience factor of having the stacks of logs closer to the burn pile in your backyard is certainly notable.

Children’s Playhouses

Who says that utility buildings are only for adults? One of the best uses for a backyard utility shed is to create your children’s dream playhouse. Having a play room in your home is great during the colder winter months and rainy days, but a backyard playhouse is the perfect way for kids to entertain themselves outdoors on sunny spring, summer, and fall days.

Utility buildings are fantastic investments for families looking for an outdoor structure in which their children can use their imaginations to play “house” with friends, have tea parties, or even to have a base when playing tag or hide and go seek. There are even options to add gables and porches to utility sheds, which makes your children’s playhouse look even more like a real home. When you purchase a utility shed from a company like Barnyard Utility Buildings, you have the option to customize the structure’s dimensions and add-on features to meet your exact playhouse design requirements.

Small Animal Housing

Whether you are an urban farmer living on less than an acre in a major metropolitan area, or you have over twenty acres of property on which you reside, a utility building can be converted into the perfect space for housing your small farm animals like chickens and goats. There are plenty of options for customization when it comes to the amount and size of doors and windows for your backyard utility building that is being converted into a mini barn.

Not only can a backyard utility shed serving as a mini barn provide an overnight and inclement-weather shelter for your chickens, goats, and other animals, it also allows you to bring the comforts of the country to your backyard in the city or a subdivision. Creating your perfect backyard urban farm is simple when you use a reasonably-sized, multi-purpose building like a utility shed.

Man Caves and She-Sheds

The trend of creating man caves and she-sheds is one that we can all appreciate on some level. Another one of the best uses for your backyard utility shed is to convert it into a man cave or she-shed where you can go relax after a long day at the office, or simply watch the next big game or awards show with your group of friends.

Some ideas and inspiration for your utility shed that you plan to convert into a man cave or she shed include: installing televisions, radios, wine bars, coffee stations, couches, chairs, yoga mats and props, workout equipment, and pool tables. You could also create a reading station on your customizable utility shed porch, or transform this backyard structure into an oasis complete with plants and essential oils where you can decompress and reset.

The Takeaway on Utility Sheds

Although there are plenty of other creative and practical uses for utility sheds, these five suggestions are some of the top reasons why utility sheds are the best buildings for your backyard. These versatile structures are perfect for storing your seasonal holiday decorations, sports gear, camping equipment, lawn and garden tools, firewood, etc., and provide the perfect space to create a children’s playhouse, an urban farmer’s mini barn, a man cave, or a she-shed. Call us today and let’s talk about creating the utility shed of your dreams!