The Difference Between Standard Utility Sheds and Those Constructed by Barnyard Utility Buildings

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There are many different brands of utility buildings on the market, and it can be tasking to research each and every outdoor storage structure that is available to you. If you are unfamiliar with outdoor storage sheds, or if you are a first-time buyer, you may already feel overwhelmed after reading through reviews on ten different utility buildings manufactured by ten separate companies.

Perhaps you are concerned about the foundations and flooring options that come standard in these utility buildings. Do they provide enough support for the utility building, and how well do they hold up to heavy foot traffic over five or ten years?

Along with the foundation and flooring, you may also be confused about what types of walls and siding with which your utility shed should be built. Should you opt for a brand of storage structure that has a wooden, metal, or plastic exterior? Which material best withstands harsh weather conditions, and has the potential to last well into the next twenty years?

Not only do you have to research the types of materials from which the utility shed that you are eyeing is constructed, but you also have to decide what size and style of storage building you are going to purchase. Sure, there are plenty of prefabricated utility buildings available to consumers at general home improvement stores across the country, but maybe you have a unique style that you would like your new storage shed to display.

The Difference is in the Materials

What makes our utility buildings different from other utility buildings, storage sheds, and mini barns on the market? One of the main things that sets our products apart from other companies’ utility shed offerings is the quality of the materials with which our storage structures are manufactured.

The Foundations and Flooring

First, we start by laying a foundation made up of concrete blocks, which ensures that your utility shed is well-supported from the ground up. Following this step, our team of professionals install pressure-treated floor joists in our utility sheds. These floor joists are highly resistant to pests and decay that is caused by moisture from the ground, and help keep your utility building’s floor sturdy for years to come.

How do our flooring materials differ from those used in other brands of utility sheds? Plenty of utility buildings on the market do not have concrete-block foundations. Oftentimes, these utility sheds come standard with wood foundations that have not been pressure treated, and are more susceptible to decay and damage from pests. Along with the lack of solid foundations that more than likely cannot last for upwards of twenty years, some of these storage structures only have plywood floors, which are not durable for the long run.

The Walls and Siding

After creating reinforced foundations for our utility sheds, we fabricate frames for the storage buildings using 2’ x4’s, and manufacture walls using lumber that is generally utilized for home construction. By using top-of-the-line lumber, Barnyard Utility Buildings guarantees the sturdiest outdoor storage structures available to homeowners.

Then, we install premium-grade Louisiana Pacific LPSmartSide siding to ensure that your outdoor utility building can withstand harsh Carolina weather events. Using home construction-grade siding with a 5/50-year warranty allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your utility building’s exterior should be free from the warping and cracking that is typical with other brands of vinyl siding.

What sets our walls and siding apart from the competition? Other utility building companies construct their storage sheds’ walls using generic, untreated lumber available at most home improvement stores. Some of our competitors even use heavy-plastic or metal to create walls for their brands of utility sheds—materials less durable in the long run in comparison to construction-grade lumber.

Along with using generic materials to build walls for their storage structures, these companies also install siding that is not nearly as durable as that siding used by Barnyard Utility Buildings. Common vinyl siding is known to crack, warp, and hide water damage well when rainwater seeps through gaps in the siding. The LPSmartSide that we use is some of the industry’s best, and it protects your utility shed’s frame and walls more effectively than typical siding.

The Roof and Shingles

Once we fabricate and assemble the foundations and walls, we finish constructing our utility buildings’ roofs—complete with Owens Corning shingles that are algae-resistant for upwards of twenty-five years. These Traditional Supreme three-tab shingles are some of the best on the market and can hold up against wind, rain, and the like with ease.

Other utility shed companies use shingles that do not protect your new utility building from water and other weather events as well as our Owens Corning shingles. They may show discoloration after a few years, have mold or algae overtake them, or have to be replaced on a far-more-frequent basis in comparison to those shingles used by Barnyard Utility Buildings.

Utility Buildings that can be Customized to Your Exact Specifications

Not only does Barnyard Utility Buildings use top-quality, home-construction-grade materials, but we also help our customers create utility sheds that meet their exact requirements. If you desire a storage shed, utility building, or mini barn that is smaller or larger than our standard 8’ x 8’ and 16’ x 24’ models, we can construct an outdoor storage building to match your unique dimensions.

Instead of settling for a utility shed that does not meet your size requirements, does not have the style of exterior that you want, or does not come with your desired add-ons like gables or a porch, you can give our team a call, and we can start the storage building customization process! All you have to do is come prepared with a rough idea of the utility shed that you would like, and we can begin to work with our team of engineers to make your vision come to life.

Why You Should Call Barnyard Utility Buildings for Your Next Utility Shed

If you are still confused about which brand of utility building to purchase for your backyard, it is time to call Barnyard Utility Buildings. We have served the Carolinas—specifically Charlotte and the surrounding areas—for over twenty years, and have the expertise to help you pick out your next storage shed, utility building, or mini barn.

Along with our team of professionals who help guide you through the process of either purchasing a prefabricated utility shed, or designing your own customized utility building, we offer top-of-the-line, durable outdoor storage structures that last for years down the road. Our high-quality utility buildings can even be manufactured with customizable add-ons like gables, porches, and the like to meet your exact exterior design requirements.