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It’s common for some homeowners to consider building a shed and leave it unattended for many years. What used to be highly functional storage or garden shed turns out to be one idle, unused structure sitting awkwardly off the side of your house. Imagine the money you’ve wasted on this when it no longer serves a purpose today! Fret not, as there are ways to transform your shed into something useful.

In this article, we’ll give you some inspiration on how to turn your shed into the perfect guesthouse for family or friends:

This blog is meant for educational and inspirational purposes only. Every shed is unique and will come with its own specifications. 

What to do with unused garden shed

There is nothing more annoying than seeing your shed become unuseful over the years. It has merely become a junk place where all the unused materials are dumped in. Not only is it unsightly in appearance, but it is such an unimportant outdoor structure. As mentioned, if you have one, why not turn it into something useful for you and your family? This is where the idea of transforming it into a guesthouse comes into the picture!

Kicking off an idea of a guesthouse

Sure, you may cross your brows thinking it’s a bit tiny, but think of how minimalist design has been all the rage these days. For this reason, it’s a good idea to turn it into a guest room or space where relatives, friends, or colleagues can come over and stay for a week or so.

Incorporating all the small details

Now that you’ve decided to make a guesthouse out of your shed let’s get into the specifics. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to be extravagant with your plants as it can be a bit costly. With such projects, sticking with the basics will do—a little bed space, a toilet and shower, a kitchen sink, some cabinetry, and other vital items your guest might need. Ultimately, you call the shots because you know what is best for your guests!

Taking the DIY route

When it comes to a shed construction project, you have the option to take the DIY route or hire an expert. If you already have an existing structure, remodeling your shed will be your best option. As long as you have the knowledge and skills to do so, you will surely know how to bring the best out of the space. Just be sure to do your homework to see what you’ll have to incorporate, as far as all the specific details are concerned. Also, consider the materials that will be used, the people who’ll work with you, and your overall budget.

Relying on the shed construction experts

As mentioned, if you are not an expert in transforming a shed, you can always hire shed construction experts who can bring your vision of a guesthouse to life. With their knowledge, skills, expertise, and experiences, you have all the good reasons to rely on these experts, such as those at Barnyard Utility. Ultimately, they’ll make your wish come true of an idle shed turned into a guesthouse!


At this point, you now know how to make the most of your existing shed. All it takes is to examine your unused outdoor structure, kick off with an idea of a guest house, incorporate all the small details, and decide between taking the DIY route and hiring an expert. Of course, getting a shed-construction expert is a more viable solution that will turn your shed vision into a reality!

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